Boost your creative team’s loyalty and performance

Nurture agency talent and grow retention with Mirro, the all-in-one performance management software, tailor-made to your creative team’s specific needs.

Now at the special price of EUR 99/month for the whole team.

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Empower personal growth and encourage interactions

Keep your team motivated by easily setting goals, exchange feedback in the click of a button, and spur performance through kudos and regular check-ins.

Get everyone aligned by setting goals

Speed up and simplify the onboarding process

Foster loyalty through constant recognition

Creative people always want to express themselves in any way, shape, or form. At our creative agency, providing them with a tool for feedback, suggestions, and praise turned out to be a total game-changer. As a CEO, I now have a better overview of everything, including the team’s mood. Mirro helped me switch gears and notice when we need to plan a hackathon or a trip to the Carpathian Mountains for inspiration.

Emilia Jercan, CEO, High Contrast

Pave the way for better collaboration

Integrate both creative and analytical teams and give them a sense of working together by setting up common goals. Keep everyone aligned and encourage accomplishments for both teams and individuals.

Creatives and account managers work better together with Mirro.

Acknowledge every successful pitch

Reward everyone’s involvement in the attraction of new clients by showing recognition through kudos. Start conversations and highlight agency values in a fun and relatable way.

Encourage initiative through constant recognition.

Promote loyalty and grow retention

Attracting creative talent is difficult, but retaining it is even harder. Start ongoing conversations on individual performance, mark the progress, and establish check-in routines.

Loyalty comes easy when people feel celebrated and noticed.

Give performance management the creative twist it needs!

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Companies from around the world can vouch for our platform.

Here’s what they say:

It’s not just OKRs and formal performance evaluations; you can also use it to give timely and meaningful feedback to colleagues.

Mirro truly is a 21st-century solution for team management and employee engagement. The product managed to get under the same digital roof all the tools needed for proper team communication, offering feedback, and mentoring.

Being able to recognize contributions to the work environment, culture, team spirit, as well as business results is a big plus.

Peer-to-peer, manager-to-contributor, top-down, bottom-up: Mirro facilitates open communication and allows for incremental and constant improvements.

One of the things I love about Mirro is the friendly user interface. You can do performance management or track your objectives and still feel like you’re having fun on an intranet.

Mirro does performance management impeccably. The Mirro dashboard makes it impossible to miss milestones like quarterly reviews, birthdays, or company anniversaries.

Mirro is only 99 €/month for creative teams

Try Mirro by September 15th, and no matter how many people work at your agency, you get a fixed price. This adds up to significant savings as your company grows.

450 €/month vs. 99 €/month

*for an advertising agency of 50 employees

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Features to get your creative team’s wheels rolling

Unleash your agency’s true potential

Reach new peaks of performance and keep your teams happy and motivated with Mirro, a user-friendly, browser-based, all-in-one performance management platform.

Speak the language of creatives and get everyone involved with a simple change that’s about to rock your agency’s world. Now at the special price of EUR 99/month.

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