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Free yourself from useless paperwork. Switch to a seamless time and attendance management system with Mirro.
Visit your HR people because you want to, not because you have to.

Keep track of your PTO with this HR management software

HR management online

Picture this. You want to know how much time off you have available. Your options? Calculating it yourself, hoping you don’t forget anything, or badgering someone in HR about it. Not that streamlined, huh? But now, everything’s way better with Mirro. You get a whole section dedicated to counters for your available and used days off. So, start daydreaming about your next destination.

Take your time off

If you’re ready for a holiday, one of your first stops should be Mirro. Select your type of leave, fill in your dates, and send your request off its merry way. Your manager will receive it and handle it. And don’t worry about accidentally overlapping your break with someone else’s on your team. The Mirro integrated calendar lets you avoid any mishaps. With all friction eliminated, you’re free to focus on your vacation plans.

Slip out of the office

Doctor appointments? Urgent school pick-ups? Life happening? Sometimes, stuff can’t wait. So, if you need to be out of the office for a few hours, put in a request through Mirro. You can easily keep track of your flexi-time with Mirro. And if you have to balance it out, there’s a section available for asking to put in extra work hours. You’ll be done with it in less than five clicks.

Work remotely

Are you on a trip, working from home, or checking out that new coffee place with your laptop? Let people know they won’t see your cute face in the office for the day. Manage your remote work time with Mirro. Send your request, get approval, and enjoy your change of scenery. And no worries about having to inform everyone. Mirro automatically adds this to the company calendar.
Work remotely with a online hr software
Manage your documents with this HR platform

Manage your documents

Certificates of employment. Records for your family doctor. Contracts for your bank. Receipts for tax purposes. A good chunk of your life can be all about waiting for various papers from HR. No more of this paperwork nonsense. With Mirro, you can now generate and download over 12 types of legal documents all by yourself. And with precisely 0 trips to HR.

Cut down on admin time

Managers and HR people, you know what pain admin tasks can be. But dealing with paperwork isn’t the best use of your time. Let Mirro turn your days around. Here, you deal with requests from your team quickly. Plus, you get management reports packed with retention, diversity, and capacity planning insights. All straightforward, so you can focus on the work that matters.