Increase alignment with clear objectives and key results

Envision the future, drive growth, and get people focused.
Reap all the benefits of Mirro’s seamless process for setting up Objectives and Key Results. ​

Get the bird’s-eye view

Imagine knowing what your company objectives are at all times. Having a shared purpose. Understanding how your work ties into everything else.

We turned this into a reality with Mirro. Now, you can see every goal and key result. All transparent, organized by departments, teams, or people.

Start with an objective

What would you like to achieve next? Dream big, and there you have it: your aim. The next destination on your journey.

With Mirro, you can set objectives at all levels. Target the entire company, just some teams or even individuals. Add a deadline and get cracking.

Identify the key results

If objectives are where you want to be, your key results are the outcome of getting there. Let Mirro guide you through setting them up.

Put your R in the OKRs. Build your custom, measurable key results, and keep everyone accountable. No learning curve, usable from Day 1.

Track your progress

To remove all friction, Mirro groups all your tasks into one section. Here, you can easily add your progress. And your hard work won’t go unnoticed.

Every time you make some headway, Mirro automatically posts about it on the company’s Activity Feed. You’ll be cheered each step of the way.

Know your stats

You no longer have to try and remember what you did last month. Or guesstimate how far along your projects are. Mirro keeps track of it all for you.

Step into your next manager meeting with all the data you need and make performance reviews a breeze. Focus on what matters; we got you.

Guide your team

Managers, this is not a drill. OKRs are turning from bureaucratic headaches into helpful planning tools. All within Mirro. It’s time to get everyone on the same page. Balance workloads, correct complacency and encourage stretch goals. So, try Mirro. See what it can do for you and your company’s success. We bet you’ll like it.