Onboarding software

Create a meaningful employee experience that goes beyond simple orientation with Mirro.​

Nurture talent and make new people on your team feel empowered from the get-go.

Remote onboarding for new hire

Each Mirro team journey begins by creating a profile. From a bio to contact details and everything in between, let your people steal the show. And this is a two-way street. New hires can check out their mates, learn quirky details, and put a name to all the faces around them.
Encourage interactions with this onboarding program

Encourage interactions

Promote natural engagements and ease connections for each new person joining your team with Mirro. The Have you met section gives them prompts about the people around. And the Birthdays area lets them build connections that start with wishing well.

Show the ropes

Knowing who you need to contact for taking a day off is as important as learning where the kitchen is in the building. Mirro turns all the admin tasks into a breeze and reduces paperwork. The path will be clear for focusing on what truly matters.
Reduce paperwork using digital onboarding solutions
Workday onboarding dashboard

Give a feel of the company

Introducing people to company values is often a matter of sending them a PDF file. Or pointing them to fancy words glued on a wall. No more of this. Let teammates jump into the natural flow of things with the Activity Feed from Mirro. Give them clarity, culture, and connection, all in one place.

Offer your feedback

Orientation doesn’t last forever. And once it’s done, you have to show up for your new hire and support their growth and development. With Mirro, you can offer and ask for feedback from people anytime. Because it’s all about consistent communication in a nurturing environment.
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Nail the OKRs

With each person comes a set of Objectives and Key Results. But creating them is now easier than ever with Mirro, even for newbies. Offer your people clear expectations, a vision for the future, and role clarity. Set them up for success as they embark on their first projects.

Build effective teams

Maximize new hire retention rates. Ensure performance and alignment with company practices. Provide a complete hire-to-retire experience. Music to HR and C-level ears? Sure. But also actual benefits of integrating Mirro into your strategic onboarding process. See it for yourself. 😉
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