Feedback management

Set the stage to celebrate people and share feedback freely in your company with Mirro.

Continuous feedback tool

Don’t let wins be lonely victories. If someone in your company did a great job, send them Kudos! And throw in some emojis while you’re at it. 😉 Go beyond a simple Congratulations! with Mirro. Connect your praise to business impact and company values, endorse some skills, and celebrate it all.

Give your feedback freely

Say goodbye to all the rigidity of formal feedback sessions. With Mirro, you can create your own opportunities for sharing input with people in your company! Mention what you appreciated in a particular situation, give some guidance on what could be improved, and click submit. It’ll make someone’s day.
Feedback management from your mobile phone
Request team feedback naturally

Ask for feedback naturally

Itching to find out how people feel about your projects? It’s now easier than ever to find out with Mirro! Take the lead and start the conversation. The platform does all the heavy lifting for you. No more red tape, no more awkwardness. Just feedback from whoever you want it, at any time.

Set the level of privacy

Praise in public, correct in private. Taking this approach is a piece of cake with Mirro. And psychological safety sure feels nice. Whenever you share your feedback, you can choose the level of visibility. Your comments might reach one or many pairs of eyes. It’s always up to you.

Showcase your journey

Small steps climb mountains. It’s easy to lose sight of them, but they’re crucial for boasting your evolution and inspiring others. That’s why Mirro keeps track of all the kudos, endorsements, and feedback you got in your profile, painting a clear picture of you. Look at you go!

Empower your people

Managers, you know it’s more important than ever to recognize a job well done and empower your people. With Mirro, your team gets the opportunity to be in charge of feedback and a platform for free speech. And if you have some introverts on your team, no worries. You can ask for feedback on their behalf first, then watch them bloom.
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