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Make remote work actually work

With Mirro, you’ll be able to manage remote teams without boundaries or effort.

Handle requests like a pro

When all the data you need is at your fingertips, making an informed decision happens almost effortlessly.

Maintain a culture of transparency

Play with the available filters and get all the transparency and reporting you need, all thanks to a fun and friendly interface. 

Let Mirro simplify your work

With Mirro, you can easily set goals for your teams and stay on top of their progress. Plus, you can provide feedback and get things rocking and rolling in no time.

Rethink flexibility as an organizational state of mind

Together, we remind people that flexibility is not pushed onto them, but it’s something we expect to learn from each other.

  • Drive continuous feedback
  • Get aligned on objectives and key results
  • Start a culture of recognition
  • Improve ownership through cascaded objectives
  • Get everyone on board in less than a week
  • Switch to 1-on-1 performance reviews

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