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Mirro is a very easy to use, all-in-one, performance management app. It has a strong social component and focuses on team objectives.

Mirro supports organizations in engaging and aligning their teams by fostering a culture of constant grow and recognition.

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People are delighted to use Mirro

“ It’s not just OKRs and formal performance evaluations; you can also use it to give timely and meaningful feedback to colleagues. ”

Ana Dumitru, Managing Director, HRS Romania

“ You can do performance management or track your objectives and still feel like you’re having fun on an intranet.”

Madalina Uceanu, Senior Recruitment Partner & Founder, Career Advisor

“ Giving them a tool where they can constantly give feedback and suggest improvements was a total game-changer.”

Emilia Jercan, CEO, High Contrast

Work better and smarter with Mirro

Reach new peaks of performance

Start conversations on performance, mark the progress, ask for feedback, and establish check-in routines.

Foster a culture of recognition

Set the stage for praising and celebrating people anytime. Reap the benefits of offering your perspective freely in the company.

Increase alignment using OKRs

Use Mirro’s seamless process to set up Objectives and Key Results. Drive your growth and know precisely what to do next.

Make admin tasks a breeze

Free yourself from useless paperwork and handle your PTO with our easy time and attendance management system.

Transform hectic days into meaningful experiences

Have everything in one place. Use data to grow your team, nip problems in the bud, and improve communication flows – cool graphs included.
It’s not a dream; it’s Mirro.