Mirro App. Terms of use

Date of last update: September 2019

Thank you for using our products and services („Services”).

By using our Services you agree with these Terms and conditions. Please read them carefully.
You must comply with all the policies made available under the Services.
Do not use our Services in an inadequate manner. For instance, do not try to influence the Services or access them in a different manner than the interface and instructions offered by ZITEC through its approved distributors. You may use our Services only in accordance with the applicable law, including the laws and regulations governing control of exports and re-exports. We may interrupt or terminate the supply of Services to you if the Terms and Conditions and our policies are not met or if we investigate an alleged misbehavior.

In a nutshell, about us and Mirro app

www.mirro.io (the “Website”) is owned and operated by ZITEC COM S.R.L., J40/7701/2003, CUI 15496736, with its head office in 165 Splaiul Unirii, TN02 Building, 6th floor, 3rd District, Bucharest, www.zitec.com, hereby represented by its Director Mr. Alexandru Cătălin Lăpușan (“Zitec”).

Zitec is the software developer of Mirro app.
Moreover, Zitec is the holder of all the intellectual property rights on the Mirro app (including but not limited to Mirro trademark, logos, source-code and object, Website design and interface of the app, the content of the Website etc. – including their updates).
The use of our Services shall grant you no intellectual property right over such Services or the content you may access. You don’t have the right to use the content of our Services, except if permission from the owner of the content has been obtained or if it is allowed by law. These Terms and conditions shall not grant you any right of use over the trademark or logo concerning the Services. Do not delete, hide or modify any legal information indicated in relation or together with the Services.
Regarding the use of Services by you, we can send notices relating to our services, administrative messages and other information. You may dispense with some of these communications.
Some of our Services are available on mobile devices. Don’t use these Services in a way which can provide a distraction and prevent you to respect traffic or safety laws.
In order to use the Services, it is necessary to create a Mirro Account. The Mirro Account can be awarded by an Administrator, such as the employer or an authorized distributor. If you use a Mirro Account awarded by an Administrator, different or additional Terms and Conditions may be applied and the Administrator may be entitled to access and disable your account.
Mirro app may be accessed and used exclusively via the online platform https://app.mirro.io/, by acquiring a non-exclusive annual user license and based on an user account that can be accessed by a user name and password.
To protect your Mirro Account, you need to keep you password confidential. You bear the overall responsibility for the activity conducted within or through the Mirro Account. Do not try to re-use the Mirro Account password for other third-party applications. If you find out about any unauthorized use of your Mirro password or Account, we kindly ask you to change your access data and notify this issue by email at sayhello@mirro.io.
Zitec explains how your personal data is processed and their confidentiality protected when using our Services.
We respond to notifications on possible copyright violations and close the accounts of the users in the event of repeated infringement of the copyright, as provided for in the Copyright Law.
If you have any questions or suggestions, you can write to us at sayhello@mirro.io.

What is the role of these Terms?

This material contains the specific terms under which Mirro app can be used by the beneficiaries of non-exclusive user licenses.
Important! If you acquire a license from a distributor authorized by Zitec (Please find the list of the authorized distributors at the end at this text) or from a sub-distributor of their network, the agreement you have concluded shall be supplemented by these Terms. Zitec shall be deemed as a third party towards the agreement you have signed with the (sub)-distributor and shall disclaim any responsibility regarding the contractual relationship between you and that (sub)-distributor.

We suggest that you save or print the Terms, in the event you will not be able to access them subsequently.
We reserve the right at any time in the future to amend these Terms in order to reflect any regulatory updates or changes in the commercial and marketing policy of Zitec. That new version will be marked with *NEW. Upon return to our website, please check the date of the last update and any amendments.

How to use the Mirro app?

Mirro app is been designed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) and is been hosted by Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform. The app runs directly in the web browser and you are not required to install it or store it on the user’s server or computer.
Each organization (the licensee) shall establish internally which employees shall be permitted to use the app as users.
In order to grant them access to the app, Zitec shall create for these users one account for each, to allow them to authenticate themselves in the app.mirro.io platform (login). For that purpose, your organization shall submit a list of names and email addresses of those user-employees. The use is nominal and cannot be transferred to unauthorized persons. Only where applicable, the updating of the list of users will be operated by the Mirro administrators no later than 3 (three) working days after receiving an email to that purpose.
Certain Services will allow you to upload, send, store or receive content. You will keep all the intellectual property rights owned on that content. In short, everything that belongs to you shall remain your property.
Zitec will grant you a personal, global, royalty-free, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use the software program provided by Zitec as part of the Services. This license is solely intended to allow you to use and enjoy the benefits of the Services, as provided by Mirro, and as permitted under these Terms and Conditions. You may not copy, modify, distribute, sell or rent any part of the Services and the included software programs; you do not have the right to redo or try to retrieve the source-code of that software program, unless where these restrictions are not permitted under the law or if you have been granted a written permission from us.
We are constantly amending and improving the Services. We may add or delete functionalities or functions; also we can suspend or completely terminate the supply of a Service.
You can stop using our Services, by written notice given 90 (ninety) days before the expiry of the agreement.

What restrictions are there?

You are not allowed:

  • To interfere with the technical operation of the Mirro app or try to access the app in a different manner than the one described in these Terms at https://app.mirro.io.
  • To use the Mirro app in manners that may in any way affect the servers or the security systems of Zitec or of Microsoft Corporation.
  • To gain unauthorized access (or to try to access) another module of the Mirro app for which you don’t have a license.
  • To let unauthorized persons to use in any way the Mirro app or your user accounts. Your organization shall be held responsible for the unauthorized access to your user accounts or the loss or theft of passwords.
  • To use the Mirro app in a way that has infringed the law or the rights of any person (including the personal data rights).
  • To reproduce, copy, modify, adapt, transform, distribute, sell or use in some other way – partially or fully, permanently or temporarily – the Mirro app, its source-code, design of the app (including screenshots which include data or interface graphics) or other component of the App without the prior consent of Zitec.
  • To create any type of works derived from the Mirro app and/or its source-code.
  • To use any item from this Website without the prior and written consent of Zitec (for instance, Mirro brand, content, design, text or the Website graphic interface, etc.).
  • To manage through the Mirro app documents which are classified by law as being “state secrets”, “official secrets” or classified information of which disclosure to third parties is subject to prohibition or restrictions. You will be fully responsible for obtaining all authorizations or permissions required by law in order to be able to legitimately manage documents through the Mirro app. Any liability of Zitec shall be excluded for the lack of such authorizations or permissions or for breach of the rules applicable to the documents you manage via the Mirro app.
  • In general, any action or activity which might be damaging to the rights of Zitec regarding the Mirro app is not allowed.

Zitec reserves the right to take any necessary measure to prevent or stop infringement of these Terms and the misuse of Mirro app, including to maintain all the information deemed reasonably necessary on how the app is being accessed or used, such as but not limited to the internet address from where the app is accessed, the users performing a certain operation, date and time of that operation.
Protection of personal data
The names and email addresses of the App users (employees authorized by your organization) are solely necessary to create and enable the user accounts and to provide them with access in the app, in accordance with the licensing agreement. Zitec receives them from your organization and retains them only for that purpose (their storage taking place also on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform, and not on Zitec servers) – without any further processing, transfer or use and without requesting any additional data.
Your organization (the licensee) shall be held liable for any processing of personal data carried out via the App (for instance, but not limited to introduction in the app, by the users, of the names and addresses of natural persons requesting services, answers, etc. from you).
Therefore, your organization (and not Zitec) shall be held responsible for meeting the obligations imposed on data controllers under the applicable law (for instance, notification to the competent authority, internal technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of the data processed by your organization, etc.). Zitec cannot be held liable for the way in which such data is used via the Mirro app.
We believe that you are the owner of your own data, and preserving the access to such data is key.

Disable the user account

Upon termination for any reason of the acquired annual license, Zitec shall disable the user accounts and you may no longer use the Mirro app (unless the license was renewed under the conditions applicable at the time of the renewal).
Zitec reserves the right to suspend or disable the user accounts: (a) if these Terms are infringed, (b) if the applicable law or the competent authorities or courts require / impose it or (c) if we have decided to withdraw the Mirro app from the market at the end of the licensing period. Zitec may not be held liable towards your organization for these decisions.


As any other type of SaaS application hosted in the cloud, the Mirro app may not be fully operational all the time. Even if we cannot guarantee that it will always operate uninterrupted and without errors, we shall use our best endeavours to improve and remedy any technical deficiencies within a reasonable period.
Zitec does not take responsibility for any technical deficiencies or other unforeseeable events beyond our control or for situations not caused by our fault and which may prevent us from granting access to the Mirro app (for instance, for force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances).
To the maximum extent allowed by law, Zitec (and no director, administrator, shareholder, employee or collaborator of Zitec) cannot be held responsible for indirect damages on the use of the Mirro app by the licensee (including but not limited to loss, destruction or theft of data, inadequate processing of personal data of individuals by the app users and the licensees, loss of profits, etc.). In any event the full liability of Zitec regarding these Terms and the use of the Mirro App will not exceed the amount paid by the Mirro authorized distributor (the one with whom you have concluded the licensing agreement) to Zitec for your annual licence. This limitation applies including to the directors, administrators, shareholders, employees and collaborators of Zitec.
Zitec and its distributors shall in no case be responsible for any loss or damage which cannot reasonably be predicted.
By accepting these Terms, you are expressly accepting that for any other damages you shall address strictly and directly the distributor with whom you have concluded the Mirro licensing agreement.
These Terms and Conditions shall govern the relationship between Zitec and you. These Terms and Conditions shall not create any rights for the third-party beneficiaries.
Your organization is responsible for the way in which its authorized employees are using the annual license and the Mirro app (and implicitly for any violation of such Terms).

Other useful information

We reserve the right to make amendments, to add new technical functionalities and new modules to the Mirro App – at any time, at the choice of Zitec. Moreover, we can suspend the https://app.mirro.io Website and platform for maintenance or for any other technical reasons, without being held liable towards you for any damages caused by such measures. Such operations are to be scheduled – as far as possible – outside normal working hours to ensure your activity is not harmed and shall be announced in advance.
Zitec may, at its choice, waive any of its rights or obligations on the Mirro app – whether in the context of a purchase, business or assets sales or any other type of transaction regarding the Mirro app.
These Terms are governed by the Romanian legislation. Any dispute regarding these Terms and/or the use of the Mirro App shall be settled by the court competent at the premises of Zitec.

Your approval

As provided in the Agreement granting you non-exclusive annual user license, you must use the Mirro app only in accordance with these Terms.
Please read them carefully! The use of the Mirro app shall imply express and full acceptance of these Terms (and, especially, of those clauses regarding the deactivation of the user account and Zitec liability).