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Our goal is to have a friendly and easy to use app to cover both admin + performance processes. We want our people to be more responsible for their own evaluations and this is why we enjoy MIRRO because our people can gather their own feedback, the check-in’s are always open and we also have real-time overview for OKRs.
We appreciate Mirro’s social component. It is very rewarding for new colleagues to receive birthday and work anniversary messages from those who have been with the company for 10-15 years. Another helpful feature for us is the work-from-office requests. Through it, it is effortless to keep track of who is in the office on certain days.
What I like the most about Mirro is the performance tab, where you can ask for feedbacks (external or internal). I also like the organization tab where you can see all your colleagues and all their birthdays. I’m enjoying the Kudos too, they’re fun, and you can brighten a day with one of these :).

I wouldn’t say I like the small button where you check-in and out. I would appreciate it if there is an individual tab to see the hours you spend the day, the week, or the month.

We keep track of our paid leave, check-in and check-out from work, birthdays of our colleagues, and most importantly, our annual feedback. One benefit I would say is that we don’t forget objectives with Mirro.
Easy to use and very intuitive.I really recommend it.
My overall experience with Mirro was a very good one, I managed to ask for feedback and receive it anytime I wanted.

I love Mirro because it allows us to keep track of our holiday days and see when our colleagues are off. It is also synchronised with Teams, so those will be automatically added to our calendar.

I don’t think there is something that should be changed about Mirro. Tho, it would be nice to add more reactions (e.g. love, haha, angry), as Facebook has :D
Mirro friendly system has been well received by our employees inGermany, Ecuador, Portugal, France and Brazil.

We are now more connected and attentive to all the needs of our employees in request of vacations, medical leaves and work away in the same platform. Is very useful for the simplicity of the procedures that saves time in HR as a great ally. All of this is possible because of their excelent Customer Experience Team always willing to resolve all our doubts coupling our schedules to get the best performance.

In the future, I would like to see full performance of the app after the updates.
A great way to stay in touch with your remote team. It is helping us to don’t forget to say Kudos to the teammates and to ask for help when we are not in the office. User-friendly, easy to use, easy to find info and a great way to see them through the multitude of emoji / badges choices.

I wasn’t part of the integration team, but I remember that our HR Manager was very happy about the choice and very fast she introduced us the new people management tool and also the diagrams in real time tool.
I love Mirro because it gives me a positive experience every time I use it which is almost daily.

It saves me a lot of time not having to talk to the HR everytime I have leave requests and I also love the flexi time options. I can do both now with just a few clicks other than print paper and sign it everytime.

I love the custom icons and the little jokes (shown with loaders or in other widgets).

I like its simple design and easy-to-use layouts. Everything is just a few click away.

I also like the feedback feature, it helped me improve my working skills and also the relationship between myself and my other colleagues.

Another feature that I think is very important is giving Kudos. This is a great way to make ourselves feel appreciated.

Some of my colleagues find it a bit cheesy but that’s actually what I love most about it.

I don’t like the fact that I can’t cancel flexi hours myself so in case I need to change something I need to ask HR. It would be nice to have this option and keep track of it. (show next to the flexi hour “deleted by…on xx/xx/xxxx”

Also, for some reason, my e-mail doesn’t get remembered all the time and I don’t like having to write it everyime (it’s a long e-mail :))

I like a lot using the flexi time options and the attendance tab. It made it much easier for me to take time off. I also got some honest feedbacks from my colleagues which helped me improve my professional development.
Important workplace and team information are at my fingertips all the time. Apart from neatly organized sections, Mirro has a social media-like feature that helps the team connect to each other. Documentation, objectives, hr tools, and valuable feedback are all accessible in one platform. There are a lot of useful tips in each section regarding how to use the application. It is also visually pleasing and inviting. No more boring HR tools from the last century.

It has so many features that it takes time to make use of all. Some personal information can only be completed/approved by the manager which is annoying.

As a remote worker, the biggest benefit is seeing the big picture. Initially, I often felt isolated, I’m starting to get to know other teams apart from my own.
Mirro covers performance management impeccably: besides OKRs and formal performance evaluations, you get to give timely and meaningful feedback to colleagues and formally recognize contributions to work environment, culture, team spirit, as well as business results. Peer to peer, manager to individual contributor, top-down, bottom-up: it greatly facilitates open communication and allows for incremental and constant improvements to work done. Dashboard makes it impossible to forget milestones such as quarterly reviews, birthdays, company anniversaries. User experience is friendly, new hires can on-board themselves in no time. In terms of HR Admin work, Mirro has saved a ton of time and countless Excel files have happily been deleted for good: timesheets, contracts, employment documents, leave planning, replacement policies… The Customer Service team is highly responsive and will help with any request in no time.

Being one of the early adopters, I would’ve loved to see this product go to market sooner.

Why they chose us

Mirro drives continuous feedback
Icon-Trophy-Mirro-culture-of-recognition-pmm6x5pihssv3xh4z687jmfgjzcop8r7sm2m2yuc1a Mirro promotes a culture of recognition
Icon-Dot-Mirro-aligned-with-OKRs-pmm6x1y5qgnpthmll4lp9ndm6fv7ugcag3go5uzwq6 Mirro makes it easy to get aligned with OKRs
Icon-People-Mirro-performance-reviews-pmm6x2vzxap053l8fn0bu552rtql25g0s845n4yijy Mirro allows for easy 1-on-1 performance reviews
Icon-Tick-Mirro-HR-admin-tasks-eazy-pmm6x3tu44qagpjva5eyemwjd7ly9ujr4crn4ex4dq Mirro makes HR admin tasks a breeze
Icon-people-circle-Mirro-onboarding-pmm6x2vzxap053l8fn0bu552rtql25g0s845n4yijy Mirro gets everyone on board in less than a week

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