An all-in-one performance management tool with a human-centric view

As a performance management tool, Mirro boosts organizational culture, aiming to futureproof individual and team performance in workplaces. It aims to provide a complete hire-to-retire employee experience, also solving day-to-day administrative tasks in a user-friendly manner.

Always in touch with the latest news

Be a Hero – your people need you and helping is one click away

Activity feed – never miss a whisper and share your thoughts – customized news feed with performance updates like Kudos,

Feedback, Performance Check-Ins, OKR Updates, Job Promotions, Work Anniversaries.

Have you met? – Onboarding at a glance – meet and greet, a simple feat

Attendance and Work Away calendars – Attendance and Working away are now transparent, collaborative

Tell your story in “My Profile”

Your performance journey is as unique as you. Badges and endorsements from Kudos tell your story at a glance

Your newsfeed is here – colleagues and managers can always deep dive into how you’ve impacted your company, boosting recognition even further

Your Teams, reporting lines and your Objectives are also linked to your profile

Vital company insights for managers

Diversity metrics, Tenure, Turnover, Hiring data are gathered and crunched to give managers an effective view

Performance insights put data into perspective and help managers improve adoption and effectiveness for the tool

Encourage interactions with this onboarding program