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OKR Software 

The OKR tracking platform to align goals across your organization


What makes our platform stand out?

Mirro’s OKR tracking software helps leaders align their teams to company objectives & understand performance. An OKR management software like Mirro can boost employee motivation, accountability, and collaboration.
Mirro is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2. Read the reviews to learn what makes us awesome.


What makes our platform stand out?

Mirro’s OKR tracking software helps leaders align their teams to company objectives & understand performance. An OKR management software like Mirro can boost employee motivation, accountability, and collaboration. Mirro is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2. Read the reviews to learn what makes us awesome.


44% of people who feel confident and connected with their goals are more motivated to want to work harder, according to Forrester.


64% of leaders surveyed by Forrester indicated their organization uses a HRIS platform designed specifically to support goal setting.


98% of leaders surveyed by Forrester stated that their organization uses a goal framework, with OKRs being the most commonly used at 34%.

Company goals at a glance

Know who does what at all times in your company and achieve complete transparency.

  • Help your people understand how their work ties into everything else;
  • As information is displayed in tree and list views by department, team, and individual, all OKRs within the company are easily accessible and readable;
  • Filter objectives by status, department, team, progress, or deadline to quickly find the insights you need;
  • In Mirro, you can choose to make all objectives public to enable a higher level of transparency and commitment in your teams.

Goal alignment

Gather all the perspectives you need to make informed decisions.

  • Achieve complete goal alignment by quickly seeing the objectives that are aligned as well as unaligned ones;
  • Help your people understand their impact and contribution to the business outcome and company goals;
  • Multiple opportunities to easily align an objective, using the tree view, the objective page or when adding a new goal;
  • Mirro’s OKR alignment tools are so easy to use that you will see improvements from day one.
Mirro covers performance management impeccably: besides OKRs and formal performance evaluations, you get to give timely and meaningful feedback to colleagues and formally recognize contributions to the work environment, culture, team spirit, and business results.
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Flexible and customizable

See how easy it is to measure OKRs your own way with Mirro.

  • When adding objectives in Mirro, you can customize the key results’ measure unit so they will genuinely reflect your metrics;
  • Use the description fields available for every objective and key result to give context and meaning;
  • Determine which objectives should be aligned and which should not;
  • Add objectives at any level you want: entire organization, department, team, or individual.
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Track progress

Streamline your OKR processes, enhance performance check-ins, and drive motivation with Mirro’s simple OKR software.

  • On every OKR's page, all progress updates and changes are visible along with the time and name of the editor;
  • Choose whether or not to publish an update on homepage for everybody to see, react and comment;
  • React and comment to an update on the OKR's page to celebrate progress together;
  • User-friendly insights make progress easy to understand.
Since 2021, we have been in the process of building a continuous performance management process. In Mirro, we saw the potential for gradual development: appraisals, OKRs, outlook, and development plans
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Andreea Puiu
HR Manager, Hochland Romania

OKRs dashboard

Step into your next executive meeting with all the data you need.

  • Get an overview of OKR progress for the entire organization or filter insights by departments, teams, and individuals;
  • Understand your company’s OKR completion average to see how you can improve your framework;
  • See completion champions, publicly recognize them, and improve your process to motivate people to achieve their goals;
  • OKR history: compare current data with progress made in previous quarters to make predictions and set more realistic goals;
  • See the status of all unaligned OKRs.
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Measure performance

Learn about the OKRs tracking impact on every level and prevent potential performance or morale issues.

  • Use OKRs as a conversation starter and discuss them in performance check-ins or team meetings;
  • Give meaning to coaching and mentorship meetings by basing them on the progress tracked by your OKR management platform;
  • An OKR overview is available on every performance check-in page to see the status and progress easily;
  • Provide your people with guidance and insights into how they can reach their objectives before the deadline arrives.

Why choose Mirro?


Company Goals And OKRs



*The data in this comparison table is retrieved from G2.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are OKRs? plus-icon
  • OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) are a goal-setting framework that defines clear Objectives as goals and quantifiable Key Results as measurable outcomes, helping teams focus, align, and track their efforts effectively.

  • What is OKR software and how can it benefit my team? plus-icon
  • OKR software is a digital tool designed to help teams and organizations set, track, and manage their goals using the OKR framework. The OKR methodology consists of setting objectives, defining a clear purpose, and key results quantifying the desired outcomes. Some benefits include alignment with organizational goals, increased transparency, improved performance, progress measurement, and increased collaboration and clarity.

  • How does an OKR tracking software support data-driven decision-making? plus-icon
  • An OKR tracking software supports data-driven decision-making by providing real-time progress updates and quantifiable key results. Teams and leaders can make informed choices based on accurate performance data, draft improvement plans, or set achievable objectives and key results.

  • How can OKR software aid in professional development and skill growth for my team members? plus-icon
  • OKR software aids in professional development by allowing team members to set goals that align with their skill growth aspirations. It provides a structured framework to track progress, receive feedback, and focus on key results contributing to skill enhancement and career advancement. In conjunction with employee feedback software, an OKR SaaS tool can help foster a clear path for your team members' personal and professional growth.

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