mirro is mobile

Keep up with your company’s heartbeat wherever you are.

Install the Mirro app on your mobile device and connect and disconnect from your work.
 Take time off, give public recognition, interact, and be present when convenient.

Mirro is trusted by leading companies

be in tune

with everything that matters

Get the latest news, events, and initiatives from your company, and keep in touch with your community:

  • Access profiles, teams, and organizational charts - quickly find contact details, roles, and team structures to facilitate collaboration and communication within the company;
  • Set up an individual profile to showcase your skills, badges, and interests to colleagues, fostering connections and professional relationships;
  • Interact with feed posts - react and comment on posts to show support, provide feedback, and amplify important company messages.

Keep powerful performancefeatures in your pocket


Managing your performance should be as flexible as you need it to be. This is where Mirro’s mobile app comes to the rescue:

  • Create and manage OKRs on your mobile device;
  • Take control of my check-ins - no need for a desk anymore to complete your performance assessment; do it whenever inspiration strike;
  • Manage check-ins as performance managers: share your input, ask for feedback, analyze activity, and finalize check-ins.


be presentor disconnect at will

Mirro’s mobile app is designed to accommodate our customers’ needs on the go. It can even help them connect and disconnect from their workplace:

  • Give Kudos - because giving public recognition shouldn’t wait until tomorrow;
  • Give and ask for feedback any time of day;
  • Manage your own leave of absence by taking time off whenever you feel like it;
  • See leave and work away calendars - use this information to plan your days in advance and to know who you’ll be seeing tomorrow in the office;
  • Manage documents, send document requests, and access your document history.

Build a better workplace for your people with Mirro


Build a better workplace 
for your people with Mirro


Mirro is loved by users worldwide

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