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Mirro’s leading performance management solution is designed to optimize employee & business performance and streamline HR operations.

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What makes our platform stand out?


Mirro’s all-in-one platform equips you with everything you need to lead your people and grow your business. You’ll find all the essential features you need in our software solution: performance, HRIS, and workplace community. Everything comes with strong customization capabilities, top-notch support, no hidden fees, and unmatched reporting features.


What makes our platform stand out?

Mirro’s OKR tracking software helps leaders align their teams to company objectives & understand performance. An OKR management software like Mirro can boost employee motivation, accountability, and collaboration.

The Mirro impact

Mirro has an all-in-one platform approach, bringing together essentials for every business. From community-building tools, reporting, performance management, OKRs, employee engagement tools, and so much more, Mirro will provide you with everything you need to drive your business and people forward.

As your business scales, your needs become more complex, and it’s likely to quickly outgrow the capabilities of niche HR solutions. This is why going from the beginning with a solution like Mirro is more cost-effective and less stressful. It’ll scale along with your business and save you money.


“Hire to retire” Mirro experience

Why customers choose Mirro over alternatives

Pink-check-tick-box-icon All-in-one platform approach

Mirro combines features from all focus areas for business and people development: performance, HRIS, and workplace community. Keep everything that matters to you and your people in one place.

Pink-check-tick-box-icon Company culture enhancement

Refine your company culture and boost morale with 
our interactive platform. Recognize achievements, 
celebrate milestones, and foster a positive work 
environment that motivates your workforce.

Pink-check-tick-box-icon Seamless performance evaluation

With our intuitive interface, conducting performance 
evaluations has never been easier. Customizable 
templates, automated reminders, and real-time 
feedback options empower your managers to provide 
timely, constructive assessments.

Pink-check-tick-box-icon Goal alignment and tracking

Set, align, and track individual and team goals effortlessly. Our software ensures that every team 
member works towards the overarching organizational objectives, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

Pink-check-tick-box-icon 360-Degree feedback

Promote a culture of open communication and growth 
with our 360-degree feedback feature. Gain insights 
from peers, subordinates, and supervisors, fostering a 
holistic understanding of employee performance.

Pink-check-tick-box-icon Platform customization

Create custom feedback forms, embed your values in 
Mirro and teach your people how to live them, create 
custom performance check-in forms, and generate 
reports. Tailor everything to your organization’s needs.

Pink-check-tick-box-icon Compliance and security

Rest easy knowing that your data is secure and 
compliant with industry standards. Our robust security 
measures and regular updates ensure the safety and 
confidentiality of your sensitive information.

Here’s how we make sure you succeed

  • Seamless onboarding
  • Our excellent customer success team can onboard your company in just two weeks. Adopting Mirro is easier than you might think.

  • Stellar support
  • We have a customer support team that makes sure everything runs smoothly in your account and ensures increased user adoption. 

  • OKR trainings & workshops
  • Our team of experts will help you get started with an OKR framework that works for your people, start a feedback culture, and make recognition a habit in your organization.

  • Comprehensive Knowledgebase
  • Our support articles and videos are expertly created to help you succeed in your goals with Mirro.

Mirro User Ratings

9.4-graphEase of Use

Management Average: 8.7

9.5-graphQuality of Support

Management Average: 8.9

9.3-graphEase of Setup

Management Average: 8.5

Why customers love us


Mirro is my go-to HRIS platform because it gives me all the information I need in one basket. We’ve cut our monthly HR admin work in half thanks to Mirro’s user-friendly interface and automation features.

Marina Din

Chief People Officer


We chose Mirro as our performance management platform because it provides an excellent experience for our people. We looked at several options, and Mirro was our top choice.

Rareș Băcioiu

People Analytics & Tools Manager


Mirro is our go-to platform for HR administration and team performance, helping us bypass the challenges of a complex organizational structure and strengthen internal cohesion.

Anca Chirculescu

Head of HR


Mirro platform overview

  • Performance management
  • Continuous performance reviews

    Review automation

    OKR progress & praise overview

    Customizable process


    Performance dashboards

    People growth

  • HRIS
  • Multiple locations

    Employee management


    Employee profiles

    Employment contracts

    Document management

    Document exchange

    HR suite reporting

    Preliminary Payroll

    Compensation insights

  • Company culture
  • Company values

    Connections cloud

    Feedback grid

    Kudos grid

    Company culture insights

  • Workplace community & DEI
  • People directory

    Business communication

    Feed posts & milestones

    DE&I insights

  • OKRs
  • Individual, team & company OKRs

    Activity feed

    Automated progress calculation

    Goal tree

    Goal alignment

    Customizable measure units

    OKRs dashboard

  • Continuous feedback
  • Continous feedback system

    Skills endorsement praise

    Custom feedback forms

    External feedback

    Feedback management

    Sentiment analysis

    Feedback insights

  • Recognition & praise
  • Public recognition (kudos)

    Link to company values

    Work milestones

    Employee profiles

  • People Analytics
  • Real-time workforce analytics

    Leave spikes

    Retention key indicators

    New hires

    Talent forecast

    Skills endorsement

  • Leave & attendance
  • Request leave

    Leave history

    Custom rules


    Attendance predictability

    Time off balance insights

    Attendance reporting

    Automated time off balance

  • Compliance & Support
  • GDPR-compliant

    ISO 27001 certified

    ISO 9001 certified

    CREST accredited

    Google Premier Partner

    Multi-language support

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