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HRIS Platform 

The software you need to cut monthly HR administration work in half


What makes our HR tool stand out?

Mirro’s HR tool stands out with its user-friendly interface, customization, security, automation, and robust reporting features. It ensures full compliance, regular updates, and feedback integration so your teams can use it confidently. Mirro is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2. Read the reviews to learn what makes us awesome.


What makes our HR tool stand out?

Mirro’s HR tool stands out with its user-friendly interface, customization, security, automation, and robust reporting features. It ensures full compliance, regular updates, and feedback integration so your teams can use it confidently. Mirro is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2. Read the reviews to learn what makes us awesome.


The heart of the organization

Ensure that your day-to-day HR activities are in order.

  • Homepage with activity feed, employee search, suggested colleagues to meet, and notifications to keep you in the loop;
  • Know everything about your team members: contact info, skills, interests, performance manager, department;
  • Stay updated with all the goals and activities filtered by company, department, team, and individual;
  • In Mirro, you can choose to make all objectives public to enable a higher level of transparency and commitment in your teams;
  • See how people live your company values; link their behaviors with your values in kudos.

According to PwC, 58% of respondents believe adopting 
HR technologies is motivated by finding and retaining talent.

Manage your people

Mirro’s HR suite provides the structure your people need.

  • Easily manage employees, subcontractors, departments, job roles, departments, flexible management lines;
  • Keep employee personal data neatly organized with custom fields, private and public tags, import and export options;
  • Enjoy flexible Access Rights management;
  • Add multiple locations to accommodate all employees;
  • Use Mirro in your preferred language with multiple options to choose from;
  • Manage your teams effortlessly (anyone can add a team); list, filter, and see team details like members, history, activity, recognition received, and work anniversaries.
Mirro is my go-to HRIS platform because it gives me all the information I need in one basket. We've cut our monthly HR admin work in half thanks to Mirro's user-friendly interface and automation features. Accessing organizational charts, employment contracts, and documents with just a few clicks has been a game-changer. Mirro has transformed how we manage HR tasks, allowing us to focus on more strategic initiatives.
Marina Din
Chief People Officer, Accace

Magnify your people

Because your organizational chart shouldn’t be a trade secret.

  • Access the People Directory and filter employees by team, department, or interests to quickly find what you’re looking for;
  • Organigrams, teams, and department charts are used to organize your employees in tree views with search fields to look for specific people;
  • Employee profiles are highly customizable with custom data fields, private and public tags, bio, and objective updates;
  • Every profile reflects the employee journey by listing user badges and endorsements, company values, business outcomes, and skills.
Mirro's HR platform has become integral to our company's operations. It's like having a dedicated HR assistant at our fingertips. The People Directory and organizational charts are no longer trade secrets - we can find and connect with team members in just a few clicks. Managing employment contracts and documents has never been easier, thanks to the streamlined processes and customization options. Mirro has helped us reduce paperwork and saved us time. Mirro is a game-changer for any company looking to simplify HR management.
Patricia Gogoasa
Talent Coach, Eminus Software

Employment contracts

Streamline processes and get the proper flexibility from managing employment contracts with core HR software.

  • Contracts management per employee to keep information neatly organized;
  • Access contracts reporting and quickly export your information;
  • Export contracts history;
  • Set your own templates and manage them effortlessly;
  • See the contract evolution over time.

98% of businesses are considering cloud-based 
HR systems, according to softwarepath.com.

Manage documents

Save time and money by managing documents with Mirro.

  • Documents can be private, accessible only to your HR team and specific employees;
  • Add documents that are visible to the entire organization;
  • Allow people to request a document;
  • Organize all employee documents by folders;
  • Create your own templates and use them to pre-fill your documents with accurate data;
  • Access documents list, filter it, and generate reports.

39% of HR leaders stated the most significant challenge their organization faces 
concerning HR tech is a need for HR insights & data analytics, according to PWC.


Automate document exchange

A good chunk of life can be spent waiting for papers from HR. It’s time you ditch the paper and switch to digital.

  • Certificates of employment for various purposes can be requested and downloaded by employees directly in Mirro, saving HR a lot of time;
  • Use Mirro’s default automated workflows for document requests;
  • Import your data: users, roles, departments, contracts, management lines, and time off requests;
  • E-sign - electronic signature on any document, on a convenient, pay-as-you-go business model.
Hyperfy selected Mirro as their HR tool because they sought a powerful platform to deliver a holistic approach to HR administration and team performance.

HR suite reporting

Get your HR reporting in order and improve your decision-making process with people analytics.

  • Generate reports on employment contracts, leave & attendance, hybrid work, and salaries;
  • Export your insights to further analyze and integrate with your BI of choice;
  • Take advantage of advanced people analytics software: diversity metrics (age, gender, generation), headcount evolutions (monthly, yearly), retention & turnover evolution, current & former team length of service.
We are now more connected and attentive to all the needs of our employees, having all requests for vacations, medical leave, and work away in the same platform. In HR, it is a great ally for simplifying procedures and saving time. This is possible because their excellent Customer Experience Team is always willing to resolve all our issues. 
Domenica Rodriguez
HR Assistant, JustClick Media

Compensation & pre-payroll

Take the load off your monthly payroll and use salary insights to understand how you pay your people.

  • Easily export data for your chosen payroll provider using Preliminary Payroll (also valuable for timekeeping);
  • Compensation management and analytics: statistics per company, department, or role; net and gross salaries distribution per department; time since last raise; median, average, x% percentile per job role; compare salary with median and average pay per role.

Why choose Mirro?


Ease of admin


Benefits administration


Salary structures


Time, attendance, and PTO


Organization management



*The data in this comparison table is retrieved from G2.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an HRIS platform, and why is it essential for modern businesses? plus-icon
  • An HRIS platform is a software system that helps manage various HR functions, such as employee data, pre-payroll, reporting, people analytics, document management, and performance. It's essential for modern businesses as it streamlines HR processes, enhances data accuracy, supports informed decision-making, and improves employee experience, contributing to efficient operations and organizational success.

  • How can an HR tool streamline HR processes and improve efficiency? plus-icon
  • An HR tool streamlines HR processes by centralizing data, automating tasks like leave management & document exchange, offering self-service options, and providing real-time reporting, resulting in reduced manual work, increased accuracy, and enhanced efficiency. In addition, Mirro also provides OKR software and employee feedback software to fully enhance employee experience.

  • What kind of training and support does Mirro offer for HRIS platform implementation? plus-icon
  • To ensure a smooth transition and successful system utilization, Mirro offers comprehensive training and support for HRIS platform implementation, including onboarding sessions, user guides, video tutorials, and responsive customer support.

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