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What makes our platform stand out?

Mirro’s employee performance management software helps unlock the full potential of your team. With Mirro, you will experience streamlined evaluations, real-time feedback, and improved employee development.


What makes our platform stand out?

Mirro’s employee performance management software helps unlock the full potential of your team. With Mirro, you will experience streamlined evaluations, real-time feedback, and improved employee development.

Flexible and customizable

Achieve the employee performance management process you’ve been dreaming about.

  • Adopt a continuous performance management process with a 360° view;
  • Control every aspect of the process: set company-wide timelines and new hire timelines;
  • Customize the performance review form with the discussion items that matter to you;
  • You can even set up forms per job role if desired;
  • Benefit from a simple flow adapted to every individual;
  • Reduce stress associated with long performance review cycles that take up countless hours from HR and people managers.

81% of HR leaders are changing their organization’s 
performance management system, according to Gartner. 
Let Mirro shine a light on your company’s performance.

Everything in one place

Mirro eliminates the need to use other performance management tools or files in managing your performance process.

  • All employee activity at a glance: goals progress, received feedback and praise, career milestones;
  • Match the employee culture fit with company values, business outcomes, and skills;
  • Adopt the easiest 360° feedback collection method: people can ask for perspectives for themselves, and their peers can give them feedback anytime;
  • Stay on top of your performance check-ins with notifications;
  • Performance reporting - see who's behind with their performance check-ins or feedback requests and filter by relevance to date or time since the last check-in per user;
  • Get an overview of all performance managers, their teams, and users without an assigned performance manager.
Mirro helped us get used to HR software that is more than just timekeeping. We first promoted the appreciation feature internally, and people started using it immediately. Mirro helped us bring visibility to the appraisals usually sent via email. Our management team has been a promoter of this system, giving a lot of public recognition to colleagues in the app.
Florin Dumitru
Recruitment Coordinator & HR Business Partner, Hochland Romania

Performance dashboards
and insights

Know your performance management data, draw conclusions, and act on it.

  • Analyze manager-employee relationships, learn about individual performance trends;
  • Identify high performers to reward them;
  • Use advanced filters to generate reports and insights into performance per location, work type, department, team, job role, or performance manager;
  • Stay on top of critical performance metrics such as review duration, check-in frequency, and time to finalize reviews;
  • See relevant metrics for your company: employee engagement and sentiment or the ratings they give for certain work aspects (e.g. benefits, rewards, equipment, etc.).

95% of managers are dissatisfied with their organization’s 
performance management system, according to Mercer. 
99% of managers that use Mirro are satisfied with our platform.

People growth

Because performance development is 
the new performance measurement.

  • Access the entire performance history of every employee to get a clear timeline of past check-ins;
  • Give your people all the performance information they need in one place: managers can write unbiased reviews thanks to Mirro’s in-app guidelines, and people feel their performance reviews are fair;
  • Enjoy an easy flow with simple-to-use tools that are adaptable to every need of your business and people;
  • Know your people's feedback sentiment;
  • Skim through feedback and recognition summaries to get your performance information fast.
Mirro is the best tool for team engagement, continuous feedback, and performance management. I especially like engagement, feedback, and performance management features. Mirro helped shape our internal process and how we do things, with a particular focus due to the pandemic. Moreover, the Kudos functionality has helped give recognition and build trust across colleagues and teams.
Alex Dobre
Senior Business Developer, Zitec

Complete and continuous performance management system

Elevate your workforce, drive productivity, and achieve your business goals with our powerful solution.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can performance management software streamline the review process and save time? plus-icon
  • Performance management software streamlines the review process and saves time by automating scheduling, feedback collection, and report generation tasks. It provides a centralized platform for performance data, simplifies data retrieval and analysis, and offers templates and tools to facilitate consistent and efficient performance evaluations. An HCM platform’s automation reduces administrative burdens, allowing HR and managers to focus on meaningful discussions and employee development.

  • Does the software offer real-time feedback mechanisms for continuous employee development? plus-icon
  • Many modern performance management software systems, like Mirro, offer real-time feedback mechanisms to support continuous employee development. These mechanisms allow for timely and constructive feedback, fostering growth and improvement on an ongoing basis.

  • How does the software ensure unbiased and consistent evaluations across different departments? plus-icon
  • The software ensures unbiased and consistent evaluations across different departments by providing standardized evaluation criteria, facilitating blind or anonymous assessments, and offering calibration features to align ratings and eliminate potential biases.

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