We are Mirro. This is us.

Simona Lapusan
Mirro Founder

My core belief is that humans are good by nature and thrive in safe and trusting environments. I think we’re lucky to be living in these interesting times. The world is ever-changing, and companies should encourage teams to adapt and innovate.

My 18-year management experience taught me that people blossom when they trust their team, are open to feedback, and can decide for themselves.

That’s why we built Mirro. We help organizations nurture a growth mindset, taking them closer to achieving their mission, and making the world a better place in the process.

Mirro is the most user friendly HR tool. I love working with/for/at Mirro because I feel I’m doing something good. I have a mission that fits my values.

Bogdan Ionita
Product Manager
Mirro is all about team journeys.
I`m all about Mirro`s journey.

Daniel Rotaru
Marketing Manager
When you decide to use Mirro, you’ll meet me. Ill be your zen master of guidance through the Mirro universe / best friend who understands all and never judges. And fights for you.

Lavinia Cutinov
Customer Experience Specialist
I joined a team where the main OKR is “Let’s make people happy”. Need I say more?

George Calinovschii
Business Developer
I’m super social and I love that here at Mirro I get to know people from all around the world and hear their stories. Diana
1250 days of programming, 30k git commits, 320k lines of code and way too many coffee cups make a great product

Alex Mirea
Lead Software Engineer
I love the team @Mirro – I can do my own thing and be myself. I’m the Fun Scrum Fairy!

Ana Arsene
Scrum Master
Mirro lets me have fun with shapes and color.
I never feel like I’m working.

Frontend Engineer
Merry team, Imaginative work, with Recognition as part of our routine, where I can be my real self and freely express my Opinion.

Iulia Rotaru Digital Storyteller
I spent 94670856 seconds of my life away from my cats, coding Mirro. At 10 mil I get the golden backslash. Yay!

Cristi Nita
Senior Frontend Engineer
Used to do QA for the automotive industry. Now I make sure things run smoothy in heaven. Mirro, I mean.

Sorin Oniciuc
QA Tester
I was there when Mirro was born. I’ve been keeping it safe from bugs ever since.

Lead QA Engineer
Teaching the cloud machines to show me what the users want from a few million data points.

Adi Radu
Lead Software Engineer, ML Engineer
I wear many hats to analyse all possible scenarios, so that clients will have a nice experience with Mirro.

Business Analyst
Mirro was love at first commit. Still here waiting for more challenges.

Alex Serboiu
Software Engineer
I spend my days finding new ways to make life harder for the developers. And easier for the clients, but that’s just a bonus.

QA Tester
My parents think I spend all my time browsing the internet. And it’s exactly what I do. But with purpose!

Adi Timar
Growth Marketer

Would you like to play with us? We’d love to put your picture up here.
Check out our available positions, we’re always looking for cool people.

Our Mirro recipe for success has four main ingredients


One of our core goals is to provide a way for people to get in sync. We do better 1:1s, fast feedback, easy check-ins, progress tracking and team alignment. And we do more. 


We love fresh takes and experimentation. You can think of us as trailblazers, changing the world of team management software, one iteration at a time.


Teams and people are at the center of everything we do. So, we’re thinking about you a lot. Our goal is to keep making Mirro better and better for you.


We love collaborating and operating from a place of deep trust. To us, teams come first, and we never back away from a challenge fought together.

Including 2021, Zitec won 12 industry awards,
including Best Workplace and Employer of the Year.
And we know Mirro played a part in getting us here.

Ready to give it a spin?