About us

We’re here to help you build
meaningful employee journeys.

Our story

We got here ourselves after a long journey of encouraging free expression and creativity in our team. It’s surely nice, but not easy to build an authentic culture. But then we decided to take these 15 years of learning what works best for our colleagues and turn it into software.

And there was Mirro.

We figured a lot of teams struggle with keeping track of performance and inspiring growth. High performance teams are a key asset for any business, yet a lot of time is lost drifting. We also added a bit of sparkle and wanted to cover the daily tasks of the human-organization relationship as friendly as possible.
It took a lot of passion and determination to build Mirro and we are offering this recipe to other companies who want to transform their teams.
As part of the Zitec team of 160 software engineers and digital marketing specialists, we’re fond of the latest technologies and we guide ourselves by a #whatif philosophy which enables us to #makeitso: everything starts with a dream and gets done with the confidence you can make it.

What we believe in:

No dreaded Mondays

Psychological safety is a key factor for a thriving organization. Team members will feel safe to take risks and be vulnerable in front of each other

Next man up attitude

When we can count on every one of us to step up and bring their A-game, dependability will help grow our business

Every bit counts

We’re always seeking clarity about the road ahead and committed to make it count and bring meaning to our work.

Splash! And then the ripple

We believe our individual work has a higher impact and will shape things for the better for everyone that joins our journey.