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Compensation Management Software

Know everything about the salary structure of your business


What makes our platform stand out?

Mirro empowers leaders to analyze salaries and ensure fairness. Our compensation management software provides insights, facilitates data-driven decision-making, and enhances efficiency & employee satisfaction.
Mirro is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2. Read the reviews to learn what makes us awesome.


What makes our platform stand out?

Mirro empowers people leaders to analyze salaries and ensure fairness across the entire organization. Our compensation management software provides transparent insights, facilitates data-driven decision-making, and enhances efficiency and employee satisfaction. Mirro is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2. Read the reviews to learn what makes us awesome.


The right compensation management
tool for budgeting and forecasting

See compensation data at a glance and plan for the future.

  • Analyze salaries expenses by organization, department, and role;
  • Optimize compensation budgets using Mirro’s insights to ensure efficient use of resources;
  • Stay on top of salary indicators such as median, minimum, maximum, 25%, and 75% percentile;
  • Compensation analytics & benchmarking are at your fingertips for informed salary planning and adjustments;
  • Analyze employee historical compensation data, performance metrics, and OKRs progress to improve compensation structures;
  • Manages salaries through data visualization to get clarity, identify patterns, and use comparative analysis to improve your compensation structures;
  • Export salary data & reports in multiple currencies.
Budgeting and forecasting
Salaries Insights ease the budgeting process and support fast comparison with benchmarks & alignment with the competitive market demands.
Florentina Greger
Chief Talent Experience Officer, Zitec


Ensure a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and fair working environment.

  • See if all employees in the same roles get fair compensation;
  • Easily identify pay gaps (e.g., diversity-related or new hires vs tenured employees) and reduce pay disparities;
  • Check Diversity, Equity & Inclusion indicators related to salaries;
  • Use our compensation management solution to adhere to local and federal labor laws, minimizing legal risks;
  • Use transparent, objective criteria for salary decisions, reducing biases and ensuring fairness.

Women are paid less than men as they move up the corporate ladder

The gender pay gap is closing over time but at glacial speed


Retention & performance

Access valuable data to guide your compensation and benefits offering.

  • Ensure salaries are competitive, reducing the likelihood of employees leaving for higher-paying roles elsewhere;
  • Know the pay raises frequency within your company and take preemptive action to avoid turnover;
  • Analyze whether poor performance is reflected in less frequent salary increases;
  • Identify and reward top talent, enhancing employee retention;
  • Attract skilled candidates with competitive compensation packages;
  • Compare roles and salaries at the individual level.
Retention and performance

10% higher base pay is associated with a 1.5% increase in the
likelihood an employee will stay, according to Harvard Business Review.



Get rid of the Excel files and see all data in one place.

  • Use our compensation analysis software to get accurate, real-time salary data;
  • Deep dive with easy filtering by period, department, role;
  • Streamline approval for salary adjustments, ensuring faster decisions;
  • Generate instant reports and compensation analytics, eliminating the need for manual data compilation;
  • Centralize employee compensation data, making it easily accessible;
  • Benefit from a flexible access rights system that allows convenient data sharing with managers.
Mirro has saved us a ton of time and countless Excel files have happily been deleted for good.
Ana Dumitru
Managing Partner, HRS

Motivate your people

Use Mirro’s compensation management solution to increase employee engagement and productivity.

  • Use Mirro's data to link compensation to performance metrics, encouraging high performance and rewarding achievements;
  • Ensure fair and timely compensation to boost morale and job satisfaction;
  • Ensure goal alignment by aligning individual compensation with organizational goals, motivating employees to work towards common objectives.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is compensation management software, and how can it benefit my organization? plus-icon
  • Compensation management software automates and streamlines the process of designing, implementing, and managing employee compensation packages. It benefits your organization by saving time, ensuring fairness and compliance, reducing errors, enhancing transparency, aligning pay with performance, and aiding strategic decision-making for a competitive workforce.

  • How does compensation management software ensure pay equity across the organization? plus-icon
  • Compensation management software ensures pay equity by analyzing and comparing salary data based on role, experience, and location. It identifies disparities, enabling organizations to adjust salaries where necessary, ensuring fair and equal pay for employees in similar roles.

  • What are the key features to look for when selecting a compensation management tool? plus-icon
  • Key features in a compensation management tool include customization options, integration with HR systems, real-time data analytics, and user-friendly interfaces for ease of use.

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