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What is Mirro?

Mirro is a comprehensive performance management platform aiming to enhance employee and business performance while simplifying HR tasks. Dedicated to supporting businesses across various scales, Mirro represents a cutting-edge HRIS platform that merges advanced technology with user-friendly design, addressing the varied requirements of contemporary work environments. Mirro offers an innovative approach that drives accelerated business outcomes by consolidating performance management, company culture, feedback mechanisms, recognition programs, people analytics, and workplace community features into a unified solution. This versatility positions Mirro as the preferred choice for businesses seeking to prioritize their workforce and attain outstanding results

Who built Mirro?

Mirro is backed and developed by Zitec, the leading tech company in Europe, specializing in developing digital transformation services, custom software solutions, eCommerce, mobile apps, blockchain, and digital marketing. With over 20 years of experience, Zitec has delivered more than 650 projects in +30 countries on four continents.

How user-friendly is the software for employees?

Mirro prioritizes user experience. With an intuitive interface, employees can easily navigate, give, and receive recognition & feedback, request days off, and update objectives without a steep learning curve. We also provide comprehensive training and support to ensure smooth onboarding. Mirro’s software significantly improves the employee experience, contributing to efficient operations and organizational success.

How does Mirro ensure the privacy and security of our employee data?

Mirro ensures privacy and security by implementing robust encryption, access controls, compliance with data protection regulations, regular security audits, and user authentication measures, safeguarding your employee data from unauthorized access or breaches.

Why do people love Mirro?

Executives love Mirro for its advanced data analytics capabilities, ease of use, and metrics that help them assess the health of key business areas: employee engagement, retention, attrition, feedback sentiment, productivity, motivation, and objectives. Team members love Mirro because the platform helps them better understand their organization and how they are contributing to its success. It also accelerates their career growth and empowers them to track their performance.

Why should I choose Mirro?

Not only is Mirro a robust HR platform that will grow with your business, but it also comes with some extra perks. Here’s what we are talking about:

Mirro has seamless onboarding; our excellent customer success team can onboard your company in just two weeks. Adopting Mirro is easier than you might think. 

Our customer support is stellar. We ensure everything runs smoothly in your account and actively work towards increasing user adoption.

We offer OKR training and workshops. Our team of experts will help you establish an OKR framework that works for your people. You’ll see the benefits of a continuous feedback culture in no time.

Our solution is cost-effective; our all-in-one platform effectively replaces most traditional HR solutions, keeping your costs in check.

How easy is it to switch to Mirro?

Switching to Mirro is a piece of cake. Here’s what you should expect once you choose to start your Mirro journey.

You’ll enjoy a fast and easy onboarding process. Our dedicated onboarding specialists will guide you through migration and onboarding. They’ll help you import data and customize Mirro to your organization’s needs.

Make sure you bring your team along for the ride. Going live is an exciting time, and we’ll be here to ensure everything runs smoothly and adoption is hassle-free. We’ll also ensure your people love their new work buddy, Mirro.

Lean onto us for the smoothest journey. Our customer support team is always here to ensure you get the best experience with Mirro. A comprehensive Knowledge Base and workshops tailored to your needs are also available.

What are the key features and functionalities of Mirro’s HRIS software?

Mirro's HRIS platform distinguishes itself through its intuitive user interface, customizable options, strong security measures, automation capabilities, and comprehensive reporting functionalities. In addition to ensuring complete compliance, frequent updates, and on-the-go support, it empowers your teams to take full advantage of its capabilities.

What level of customization is available to tailor the software to our organization's specific needs?

You can customize Mirro so that it truly reflects your organization. Performance check-ins, kudos, the feedback process, activity feed, forms, and OKRs are just a few things you can customize. For example, the platform enables you to customize the icons and labels when giving kudos, to add your company values and highlight them on every user profile, to customize the performance review form by choosing between multiple discussion items, or to personalize employee profiles with custom data fields, private and public tags, bio, and objective updates. Many other customization options are available upon request.

What security measures are in place to protect sensitive employee data?

To safeguard sensitive employee data, HR software solutions typically implement a range of security measures, including:

Encryption: data encryption techniques are applied to ensure that all information transmitted and stored within the system is protected from unauthorized access.

Access controls: role-based access controls restrict access to sensitive data based on the user's role and permissions within the organization. This ensures that only authorized personnel can view or modify specific information.

Regular security audits and assessments: mirro conducts routine security audits and assessments to identify vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Secure data centers: employee data is stored in highly secure data centers equipped with advanced physical security measures, such as surveillance cameras, biometric access controls, and redundant power supplies, to prevent unauthorized access and protect against physical threats.

Compliance with regulations: HR software solutions like Mirro adhere to relevant data protection regulations, such as GDPR, HIPAA, or SOC 2, to ensure that employee data is handled in accordance with legal requirements and industry best practices.

What is the pricing structure, and what factors determine the cost (e.g., number of users, additional modules)?

Mirro’s pricing structure is tiered, based on the plan chosen: Automated HRIS, Effective Performance, Mirro Professional, and Mirro Enterprise. The cost is determined primarily by the plan selected and the number of users. The starting price is $6.5 per user monthly, billed annually. The fee may also vary depending on the selected modules or features. Tailored pricing options are available for nonprofit organizations.

Overall, the cost of Mirro depends on factors such as the chosen plan, the number of users, and any additional modules or features required by the organization. Visit the pricing page to find out more about Mirro’s pricing plans.

Are there any hidden fees or additional support, updates, or maintenance charges?

Mirro has upfront pricing, meaning there are no hidden fees. We do not charge additional support, updates, or maintenance. However, additional charges might occur when your onboarding process takes longer than expected due to the volume of imported data or when you access additional services, like OKR training or consultancy sessions on the premises.


Can the software scale with our organization as it grows?

The Mirro platform is designed to scale with organizations as they grow. Here's how Mirro accommodates organizational growth:

  • Scalability—Mirro is built to handle an increasing volume of data and users as the organization expands. It can accommodate a growing number of employees, departments, locations, and other organizational structures.
  • Customization—our platform offers customization options to adapt to your organization's changing needs. As the organization grows, it may require additional features or workflows, and Mirro can be customized or configured to meet those specific requirements.
  • Integration capabilities—Mirro can integrate with other systems and applications used within the organization upon request. An integration with Zapier is also available.
  • Support and training—we provide ongoing support and training to help organizations effectively utilize the platform as they grow. This includes assistance with implementation, user training, and access to customer support resources.

Mirro is designed to be flexible, adaptable, and scalable to support organizations of all sizes as they evolve and grow over time.

What customer support options are available, and what is the typical response time for resolving issues?

You can contact us by opening a ticket directly from the app's footer or by emailing us at support@mirro.io. We typically reply within one business day or even sooner for urgent issues. You can also benefit from free helpful resources from the Mirro Knowledge Base Center, which is constantly updated with How-to articles.

Can Mirro accommodate compliance requirements specific to our industry or region?

Mirro accommodates compliance requirements specific to certain industries or regions. This gives you peace of mind when using the platform and benefiting from its features. If you have a special compliance requirement, just let us know, and we will implement it before your onboarding period ends.

Are there any case studies or references from current customers that demonstrate the software's effectiveness?

We have numerous case studies and references from our current customers that vividly illustrate the effectiveness of our software in streamlining HR processes, boosting efficiency, and enhancing overall organizational performance. Visit our customer stories page to learn more about Mirro’s impact in various industries and how organizations like yours have benefited from our platform.

You can read Zitec’s case study to learn how Mirro was pivotal in helping Zitec create a positive employee experience, improve HR efficiency, drive business growth, and foster a strong organizational culture. You’ll also learn that with help from Mirro, Tazz achieved a 20% business growth in 2023, compared to 2022, and refined its performance management process by including continuous feedback and recognition. Lastly, explore how Mirro significantly strengthened DWF's company culture in a remote environment by streamlining HR processes, fostering transparent communication, enhancing performance management, and promoting recognition and collaboration among team members.

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