How Mirro Helped DWF Strengthen Its Company Culture in a Remote Environment


In the past few years, workplaces have faced numerous challenges, notably due to the pandemic. The shift to remote or hybrid working environments has complicated organizational dynamics, raising questions about employee retention and thriving in an uncertain future. Consequently, there is a growing need for transparency, recognition, and alignment, making a solid organizational culture more critical than ever.

DWF is one of the organizations that switched to remote work during the pandemic, all while experiencing significant growth. With more than 80 employees today, the agency is committed to creating a positive and healthy workplace culture. This is where Mirro comes into play.


The business challenge

At a time when the company was growing, DWF realized that this growth could only be sustained with an all-in-one HR tool to manage and automate all processes and give people the structure they needed. All employee information (personal data, job role, pre-payroll, evaluations, feedback, and OKRs) is now integrated into Mirro.

Before the adoption of Mirro, the HR team’s administrative work was hampered by the lack of structure:

  • Leave requests were kept in Excel files, and HR representatives needed to check the availability of days off with every colleague;
  • Check-ins and offboarding were centralized in another tool, which didn’t have the option of work-from-home requests;
  • All HR issues used to be communicated through a WhatsApp group.

Moreover, as the team switched to remote work during the pandemic, DWF needed to create a space to bring people together and keep everyone in the loop. And because driving performance is one of DWF’s core values, the team sought to improve the performance management process by gathering continuous feedback and linking individual performance with results. They found it all in Mirro.


Mirro is a friendly and easy-to-use HR platform. The app helps me ensure my day-to-day HR activities are in order and saves me a lot of time. I have an overview of leave requests and can easily add new users, departments, and teams or reactivate colleagues. Regarding user management, I can quickly export any information I need, such as home address, ID, or date of employment. I especially appreciate that I can see in advance colleagues’ birthdays - this way, I can send emails with congratulations and vouchers from the company.

Nicoleta Badea

HR Admin


The solution: Mirro

The onboarding process was seamless. DWF’s team had 26 colleagues at the time of the adoption in June 2019, so it was easy to migrate all employee data into the platform. Andreia Ciobanu, Chief Financial Officer, remembers having our team’s unconditional support for data migration.

Mirro was the perfect HR software to cover all their needs and help them grow. DWF chose the Mirro platform for its performance management, feedback, recognition, and OKRs features. Moreover, the core HR capabilities saved them massive amounts of time, and the activity feed played a crucial role in building a real workplace community.


The business outcome

DWF uses all capabilities of the Mirro platform: performance management, feedback, recognition, OKRs, workplace community, and HR admin.

After DWF's people repeatedly asked their managers for their perspectives on their performance, the team decided to have performance check-ins at the end of each quarter. They also decided that the 360 feedback collection method is the best way to evaluate performance, as self-assessment and feedback from managers and colleagues are taken into account. Mirro has provided the team with the necessary infrastructure for a complete overview of employee performance.

To perform, you first need to measure the whole activity. Mirro helped DWF set annual and quarterly OKRs and monitor and update them constantly. In the digital marketing business, everything is done as a team, so for DWF, it was crucial to achieve complete transparency. With the help of Mirro's OKR software, DWF saved a lot of time on the reporting side.


My experience with Mirro is a very pleasant one; I find the application intuitive and complex at the same time. I can keep track of company news and interactions between colleagues, and I always consult the organigram so I know which colleague I can talk to in different situations. Showing our gratitude through Kudos has contributed greatly to healthy working relationships. The feature that won me over is the ability to ask for and receive feedback. Having a history of evaluations and self-evaluations is a plus for our evolution as a team, but also for my personal growth within DWF.

Teodora Adamache

SEO Team Lead


Regarding the impact on the organizational culture, Mirro provides DWF with the tools to strengthen it and become a professional employer with transparent HR processes. Mirro's social component significantly impacted how people interacted, especially during the pandemic, when the team started working from home.

Before the pandemic, the DWF team celebrated each colleague's birthday with a slice of cake and a glass of champagne. Since March 2020, all birthdays and work achievements have been celebrated in Mirro. Moreover, the vast gallery of emoticons, GIFs, and visuals allowed DWF to create original communication flows, just like the social media platform they use daily.

Our platform also helped DWF create a culture of recognition where celebrating achievements together is the norm. The possibility to thank a colleague or a team has helped DWF cultivate healthy collaborative relationships and have a constructive working environment, especially as the team has been working remotely for the past three years.

Regarding day-to-day HR activities, Mirro helped DWF ditch spreadsheets and Excel files and have all HR-related queries fully automated. Before using Mirro, there were always differences between the HR admin team's and the employees’ documents. Now, with the help of Mirro, All HR-related inquiries are fully transparent, and employees are only one click away from accessing them.

The HR team can export monthly reports for payroll calculation with all leave requests (days off, maternity leave, sick leave, etc.) at a glance. On top of transparently tracking days off requests, the HR department can now signal any imbalances (either the person does not take days off or has no days off available and wants to take them in advance) and quickly notify their direct manager.


Mirro helped me a lot when I got hired. DWF has many employees, so the organigram and activity feed helped me understand each colleague’s role better and quickly integrate into the culture. I love that Mirro resembles a social media platform and that each user can find a nice way to communicate within the company. I also enjoy performance evaluations’ features. I can leave information there during the quarter without it disappearing, and I can track feedback requests and mark my overall satisfaction with smiley faces. Overall, I’m very excited about Mirro.

Cristina Boncea

Head of Content

In a nutshell, by implementing Mirro, DWF managed to:

  • Save 20 hours per month in administrative work, on average;
  • Streamline the review process and save time by having all performance data in a centralized platform;
  • Help team members become more responsible and be aware of their impact through OKRs;
  • Track days off requests per team or individual transparently;
  • Saved time in choosing a health provider for colleagues because all their addresses were centralized in Mirro, and the HR team could quickly identify if the provider had an office in that city.

What I love the most about Mirro is that I can see feedback and Kudos received from colleagues chronologically. Being recognized by my colleagues is very important to me, and the Kudos feature provides clarity over the positive impact I had. Mirro gives me an overview of evaluations and sends me reminders, so I know when the last one occurred. All these functionalities help me easily manage the performance review process.

Eugenia Tanase

Head of SEO

What’s next for DWF

The three words that describe DWF's culture are professionalism, cooperation, and continuous learning. In a nutshell, DWF is all about building a high-performance team and creating excellent experiences for its people while helping businesses grow through digital marketing. In the future, DWF plans to amplify the positive changes Mirro brings and nurture an increasingly dynamic and collaborative workplace culture.


About DWF

DWF (Digital Workforce) is a dynamic Digital Marketing agency in Romania. With over ten years of experience, DWF has become a leader in SEO services and is continuously expanding its services in Paid Media, Data Analytics, and Web Dev. Together with a team of over 80 people, the agency is managing a portfolio of 250+ active clients. DWF is all about fostering a positive working environment. They strive to create a healthy work-life balance for people in the company and promote development in a healthy and happy workplace.


About Mirro enables high-growth SMEs to build transparent and thriving workplace cultures that foster employee well-being and improve talent retention. Our performance management platform helps organizations overcome hybrid workplace disengagement by encouraging a sense of purpose and stimulating social sharing and community belonging around the globe. Teams and individuals that use Mirro are happier, highly engaged, and more productive.

As a user-friendly and highly social platform, Mirro drives more than 5k monthly interactions between team members through recognition, OKRs, continuous feedback, and meaningful performance conversations.

Innovative companies like eMAG, Tazz, Hochland, E Co., and noissue. use Mirro to empower their teams and nurture healthy, solid work relationships.

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