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What makes our employee leave management software stand out?

The benefits of our leave management & tracking system are automated and cost-efficient time-off tracking, compliance with labor laws, customizable policy configurations, and real-time visibility into employee leave.
Mirro is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2. Read the reviews to learn what makes us awesome.


What makes our employee leave management software stand out?

The benefits of our leave management & tracking system are automated and cost-efficient time-off tracking, compliance with labor laws, customizable policy configurations, and real-time visibility into employee leave. Mirro is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2. Read the reviews to learn what makes us awesome.


Your leave requests at a glance

The key to reducing manual paperwork and administrative workload.

  • Keep all attendance and time reporting in one place — Mirro’s employee leave management system;
  • Effectively handle employee time & attendance, including hours worked, overtime, paid time off, sick days, and holidays;
  • Analyze key labor force metrics to aid in decision-making;
  • Minimize errors in leave calculations by using an automated time off balance;
  • Improve your resource allocation process to effectively support your company’s growth;
  • Filter the holiday and time off calendar by team or department.
The best thing about Mirro is that you can take certain actions straight from the automated emails. A leave or work-from-home request is usually already verbally agreed upon, so as a performance manager, it's straightforward to click on the email and officially approve it. The Mirro team strives to make the app fit into our daily flows as naturally as possible, so the overhead is minimal for my colleagues and me.
Radu Lupaescu
Lead Software Engineer, Hyperfy

Easy time off requests and 

Ensure timely approvals and reduce
delays with Mirro’s leave tracking system.

  • Enjoy easy time off requests and approvals;
  • Make it accessible for your people to confirm the status of their leave requests quickly;
  • Prevent accidental time off overlaps;
  • Ensure you handle all inquiries thanks to the automated notifications for pending leave requests;
  • People managers can approve leave requests straight from the email notification;
  • Leave History: easily maintain a record of past leave requests and approvals for reference;
  • All employees will enjoy our automated leave management system’s user-friendly interface.
Mirro is very user-friendly. It helps with planning my free time and holidays. I'm not stressing out to write down somewhere how many paid days I have left. I can easily keep track of the time I spend working.
Madalin Gavrila
Telesales Representative, Tazz

Set custom rules and stay 

Cater to the unique needs of different departments or employee groups within the organization.

  • Customize leave policies and accrual rules to align with company policies;
  • Customize bulk time off policies for different levels, roles, sites, and sets of employees;
  • Effortlessly keep up with bank holidays or seniority leave;
  • Mirro incorporates local regulations, laws, and policies to help companies remain compliant and reduce costs.
With Mirro, it's effortless to interact with other colleagues, and the paid leave planning is the best I've seen so far. If you compare it to similar platforms, it's intuitive and has a great user experience. For example, you get a reminder of each birthday and work anniversary, which is a great feature!
Theodor S
Software Developer

Visibility and predictability

Plan, budget, and forecast leaves across 
your organization.

  • Monthly & annual overview of leave & attendance;
  • Handle time off requests efficiently and get a forecast on planned leave with our powerful employee time attendance software;
  • See how the medical leaves affect the team’s productivity;
  • Discover the distribution of all leave types at a glance;
  • Easy reporting at department, team, and individual levels;
  • Elevate workplace efficiency with seamless employee scheduling, easy time off requests, and accurate overtime calculations.

63% of professionals across the Globe say work-life balance is more
important than compensation when picking a new job.

*according to the LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2022 report

Work-life balance

Support wellbeing within your team with Mirro’s employee attendance software.

  • Find out who didn’t take time off and might be close to burnout;
  • Easily encourage people to take time off;
  • See who’s doing overtime.
Discover how Mirro helped Hyperfy automate leave and administrative requests. Companies like yours can also provide time off-related information to people in a matter of seconds.

Flexible hybrid work

Easily manage work from anywhere and flexible schedules.

  • See where people are working from, be it the office, home, or a nice beach, with Mirro's employee time attendance software;
  • Quickly see the days of the week when your team members prefer to work from the office;
  • Get an overview of the flexible hours at a company level - are your people working in advance, or do they prefer to take some time off in advance?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will this system streamline and improve our current leave management process? plus-icon
  • Mirro’s employee leave management system will streamline and improve your current leave management process by simplifying leave requests, approvals, and tracking, reducing manual errors, providing real-time leave balances, and enhancing overall efficiency and accuracy in managing employee leaves.

  • Is the system compliant with local labor laws and our company's specific policies? plus-icon
  • Yes, the employee leave management system complies with local labor laws and can be customized to align with your company's policies. Just request more information on the topic, and we'll provide specific details on how the system aligns with legal regulations and can be customized to adhere to your company's policies, ensuring accurate and compliant leave management.

  • How user-friendly is the interface for both employees and HR administrators? plus-icon
  • Mirro’s user interface is highly intuitive and user-friendly for both employees and HR administrators. Our HRIS platform is designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind, ensuring easy navigation, quick access to essential features, and straightforward processes for leave requests, approvals, and administrative tasks. These qualities ensure efficient leave management, enhance employee satisfaction, and simplify management tasks, setting our system apart.

  • What kind of reporting and analytics capabilities does the system offer for strategic decision-making? plus-icon
  • Mirro offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, providing insights into leave trends, employee attendance patterns, and compliance metrics. These analytics support strategic decision-making regarding workforce planning and resource allocation.

  • How can leave management software streamline HR tasks and reduce manual workload? plus-icon
  • A leave management software solution automates time tracking, reducing manual data entry and calculations. It streamlines HR tasks by generating accurate attendance records, simplifying payroll processing, compliance reporting, and overall workforce management.

  • What features does Mirro offer to support remote and hybrid work environments? plus-icon
  • Mirro offers remote employee attendance tools, virtual check-ins, collaborative goal setting, and online performance reviews to support remote and hybrid work environments, enabling efficient communication and productivity regardless of location. In addition, Mirro's OKR software and employee recognition software can support remote or hybrid work environments by keeping employees engaged and motivated.

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