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We’ve witnessed new challenges for employees and organizations globally for several years. The pandemic has deeply affected both the workforce and internal workflows and the balance of power between employer and employee. Trends like the great resignation, working remotely/from anywhere, quiet quitting, or a 4-day work week show how arduous it is for organizations to navigate the new dynamics in the post-pandemic workforce.

These shifts in the workplace leave organizations with more questions than answers to what it truly means to find, retain, and help talent thrive at work and in life, regardless of what the future holds. Against this backdrop, more transparency, recognition, and alignment between individual and organizational objectives have become increasingly important. Although cultivating a strong organizational culture has always been on leaders’ agendas, this objective needs to be reinforced now more than ever.

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Towards more transparency, recognition, and alignment

Hyperfy is an organization that strives to provide employees with more meaningful work experiences. They have set goals and ambitions to become the most trusted and recognizable Romanian brand of cutting-edge technological solutions for physical security. This is a status that they hope to gain through collective knowledge, integrity, employee dedication, leaders’ vision and skills, and a corporate culture that cultivates teamwork, initiative, and ingenuity. Hyperfy believes in fostering talent by mentoring the bright young minds that join the company and developing a cohesive and highly effective team culture that offers unparalleled services to clients.

Business challenges

To achieve its mission, Hyperfy wanted to employ the proper transformation process and tools. They needed to first deal with automating many everyday tasks and processes that made the entire internal collaboration difficult. With a complex organizational structure, over 100 different roles, a lot of paperwork, and a rebranding process (from GTS to Hyperfy) in the pipeline, it was clear that achieving more internal cohesion needed to be carefully addressed. Therefore, they also sought a powerful tool to meet their complex requirements and deliver a holistic approach to HR, administration, and team performance.

Their objectives were straightforward:

  • Bring more efficiency into HR administration;
  • Easily set more transparent OKRs and align the organization on fulfilling them;
  • Optimize inter-department collaboration;
  • Drive a deep sense of community between departments that don’t usually collaborate.

The solution: Mirro

Mirro was the right tool to cover their holistic approach to organizational transformation and address their objectives. Hyperfy chose the Mirro platform for its capabilities and built-in features that help drive continuous feedback, promote a culture of recognition, align with organizational OKRs, and allow for easy performance reviews. Moreover, Mirro made HR admin tasks a breeze and got everyone on board in a matter of days.


Anca Chirculescu

Head of HR

Mirro is our go-to platform for HR administration and team performance, helping us bypass the challenges of a complex organizational structure and strengthen internal cohesion. What I like most about this platform is that it genuinely makes a difference in driving a deep sense of community, with a beneficial impact even among departments or teams that usually do not work together. Mirro even brings generations together, motivating people to engage more with each other. Also, we can now extract more meaningful data that helps us prepare strategies and directions for both people and the organization.


Mihnea Dorobanțu

Campaign Manager

Mirro is an easy-to-use platform with a friendly interface. The main advantage comes from the platform’s ability to foster interaction and socialization. Moreover, when an employee's seniority becomes a reason for recognition and appreciation, celebrating it brings added value individually and at the company level. Unlike a classic HR platform, Mirro transforms the entire organization into a community where you can send feedback, celebrate success, and congratulate colleagues on their birthdays.

The business outcome

Mirro adoption by Hyperfy took place in March 2022, with complete onboarding of the organization in less than one month. Word of mouth, personal example, and HR training helped ensure Mirro's smooth adoption in the organization. 

Previously, Hyperfy had to engage in a constant back and forth of spreadsheets and Excel files, but now all HR-related queries and leave requests (days off, maternity leave, sick leave, etc.) are fully automated. As a result, employees are now one click away from any HR-related inquiry. Furthermore, the company is also looking into implementing delegations for technical teams with the help of Mirro. 

Regarding the impact on the organizational culture, Mirro provides Hyperfy with the tools to resolve employee requests promptly, foster engagement, and facilitate cross-functional/department collaboration.

In a nutshell, by implementing Mirro, Hyperfy managed to:

  • Save 40.5 hours of HR administration work each month, on average;
  • Gain a 16% increase in productivity driven by employee engagement and recognition;
  • Reduce the time it takes to record days off in payroll from 1-2 days to just 2 hours;
  • Track days off requests per team or individual transparently;
  • Improve cross-department communication, collaboration, and engagement.

The adoption of Mirro proved beneficial internally and confirmed that Hyperfy was on the right track toward strengthening its organizational culture. A strong company culture benefits society and the environment, not just the organization and its employees. As a result, Hyperfy won the first prize in the Abris ESG Awards competition for its ESG (environment, social, governance) component. The evaluated principles in the competition were the level of digitization, transparency, and how companies connect their businesses to their respective markets more meaningfully, effectively, and responsibly.

Current and next steps for Hyperfy

Mirro is set to become Hyperfy’s leading platform for implementing and sustaining an effective performance management system on an organizational level. The platform will be the go-to place for internal communication and a facilitator in the dashboard area, with powerful analytics helpful in setting up powerful strategies and directions for people and the organization. 

Hyperfy plans to fully adopt the capabilities that help teams think big picture through OKRs. Mirro lets people see how company-wide goals translate into personal OKRs and understand their impact across teams and departments. Moreover, this helps everyone stay on the same page as progress is made and milestones are reached. 


Radu Lupaescu

Lead Software Engineer

The best thing about Mirro is that you can take certain actions straight from the automated emails. A leave or work-from-home request is usually already verbally agreed upon, so as a performance manager, it's straightforward to click on the email and officially approve it. The Mirro team strives to make the app fit into our daily flows as naturally as possible, so the overhead is minimal for my colleagues and me.


Sorina Curtașu

HR Business Partner

What I use the most is Mirro’s social component. Through it, I always know when I have to say “Happy Birthday” to a colleague, congratulate the team for completing a project, offer “Kudos” to make someone's day more beautiful, or learn about the latest important announcements at the organizational level. Mirro keeps us connected as a team by bringing us all to one friendly, colorful place.

About Hyperfy

Mirro Hyperfy leads the way towards physical security driven innovation. The core of Hyperfy is formed around the proprietary software platforms that overcome the limitation of classic solutions, thus, defining physical security through technology. An end-to-end innovator, Hyperfy is a one-stop shop offering a broad range of services from technical implementation, maintenance, to monitoring, intervention and development of software platforms. 

About Mirro

Mirro.io enables high-growth SMEs to build transparent and thriving workplace cultures that foster employee well-being and improve talent retention. Our performance management platform helps organizations overcome hybrid workplace disengagement by encouraging a sense of purpose and stimulating social sharing and community belonging around the globe. Teams and individuals that use Mirro are happier, highly engaged, and more productive.

As a user-friendly and highly social platform, Mirro drives more than 5k monthly interactions between team members through recognition, OKRs, continuous feedback, and meaningful performance conversations.

Innovative companies like eMAG, Tazz, Hochland, E Co., and noissue. use Mirro to empower their teams and nurture healthy, solid work relationships.

Just like Hyperfy, you too can build meaningful experiences for your people

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