Mirro helped Accace reduce employee turnover by half

Founded in Bucharest in 2007, Accace Romania has significantly grown in the consultancy and outsourcing sector, guided by its unique organizational culture that emphasizes excellence, cooperation, flexibility, passion, trust, and commitment.

Accace Romania stands out through its unique blend of values, advanced technology, competence, and thriving community. Their commitment to shared responsibility, transparency, and trust showcases their ethical approach to business and significant role within the sector.

Toward a culture of recognition and belonging

The company believes in retaining top talent by developing a strong, collaborative culture based on mutual trust, appreciation, and transparency. For Accace Romania, bringing people together, celebrating achievements, gathering continuous feedback, and ensuring alignment are necessary steps to build a thriving workplace.

The business challenge

Accace Romania is growing at a fast pace and has a diverse team of people working from all over the country. Thus, ensuring that everyone feels like they belong is critical. The key challenge for the organization was figuring out how to bring individuals together and develop a cohesive team while also enhancing their performance management process.

The company was looking for an all-in-one performance management software to satisfy their need for flexible and user-friendly processes. They wanted to create a new way of working where colleagues would feel part of a community and could actively participate in their professional development.

On the other hand, they wanted to give managers more autonomy in using and accessing data for the people they coordinate without being dependent on the HR team for every piece of information.

The company had clear objectives:

  • Improve the performance review process by translating the evaluations into clear objectives;
  • Create a feedback-friendly culture where people are open to receiving direct and constructive feedback;
  • Become more transparent in terms of company strategy by setting clear OKRs;
  • Create a sense of belonging and drive a deep sense of community;
  • Have an easy-to-use platform that is integrated with indispensable tools for an organization.

The solution: Mirro 

Accace Romania was and still is growing exponentially, so they needed a tool to grow with them. An easy-to-use interface, flexibility, customization, and quality support were also essential. They found it all with Mirro.

In Mirro, everything works together to streamline fundamental HR processes, including time and attendance, employment contracts, documents, performance check-ins, feedback sharing, setting and tracking objectives, and recognizing colleagues. The ability to customize Mirro also played a role in Accace Romania’s decision to adopt it as an all-in-one solution to their HR needs. 

After a smooth onboarding process that took less than a month, Mirro immediately became a reliable partner and has helped them revamp their company culture. 


Laura Ștefan

Managing Director

Success is a journey. A company is successful when it meets its objectives with a strong and united team. It is vital to ensure that everyone is working toward the same objective and is empowered to participate in their unique way.


Alexandra Floroiu

People & Employer Branding Ambassador

Mirro is a reliable friend and source where I can find a lot of helpful information for my work. I like Mirro’s friendly interface (filters, texts, emoji, gifs). Moreover, Mirro helps me keep up to date with everything that’s going on in the company, such as my colleagues’ birthdays or how long they’ve been with us. In short, Mirro creates perfect occasions to show gratitude towards our colleagues. It’s my favorite reminder! 

The business outcome

Before using Mirro, the data about each employee’s performance was scattered across several files, making the entire process difficult. Now, with the help of Mirro, managers have all the necessary information in a single place and can easily translate the conclusions gathered in performance reviews into clear objectives.

A crucial component of an effective performance management process is gathering continuous feedback. If, in the beginning, Accace Romania’s employees were reluctant to give direct feedback to a colleague, this has now become a natural process, thanks to Mirro. According to a pulse survey they ran with the whole company before the adoption, only 68% of employees considered they received specific feedback from their peers. Now, 94% of employees receive timely and constructive feedback from their colleagues and mentors.

Mirro also helped Accace Romania create more visibility over the company’s long-term plans or priorities for a particular year. Through our workshops, Accace Romania defined the company’s objectives in relation to each department’s objectives and the types of key results to associate with each objective, all of which contributed to building a transparent culture. The same pulse survey concluded that 80% of employees knew about the organization’s plans for future success before using Mirro, whereas now, 96% of them do.

In a nutshell, with Mirro’s help, Accace Romania managed to:

  • Significantly improve their employee turnover rate, by reducing it from 29.8% to 15.4%;
  • Make giving feedback and public recognition a habit;
  • Revamp the performance management process by having all the information in a single hub;
  • Boost visibility and transparency over the company’s strategies and objectives;
  • Ensure complete alignment between departments with clear OKRs;
  • Enhance cross-department communication, collaboration, and engagement.

Marina Din

Chief People Officer

Mirro helped us instill a sense of belonging, especially when colleagues from all over the country joined us. At a time when the team has grown significantly, it was important for us to make new colleagues feel included, celebrate every achievement with kudos, and better understand the strengths and weaknesses of team members.

Mirro came at the right time to help Accace Romania develop the company culture they envisioned: a friendly, welcoming, and collaborative workplace where everyone feels part of the team. Newcomers can now integrate more easily into the culture and feel welcomed, and colleagues communicate more openly by congratulating each other on work anniversaries, birthdays, and promotions.

Accace Romania has core values around cooperation, belonging, and mutual trust, so building a culture of recognition where people celebrate achievements together was vital. Now, giving public praise is a habit across the organization. According to the same pulse survey, only 68% of employees felt recognized by the company before Mirro, but now, 95% of them do so.


What’s next for 
Accace Romania

Accace Romania is committed to creating meaningful employee experiences, and as they look toward the future, they plan to amplify the positive changes brought forth by Mirro. The organization is ready to cultivate an even more vibrant, innovative, and collaborative workplace culture by refining goal-setting processes, enhancing feedback dynamics, and fostering employee engagement.

About Mirro enables high-growth SMEs to build transparent and thriving workplace cultures that foster employee well-being and improve talent retention. Our performance management platform helps organizations overcome hybrid workplace disengagement by encouraging a sense of purpose and stimulating social sharing and community belonging around the globe. Teams and individuals that use Mirro are happier, highly engaged, and more productive.

As a user-friendly and highly social platform, Mirro drives more than 5k monthly interactions between team members through recognition, OKRs, continuous feedback, and meaningful performance conversations.

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