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What makes our platform stand out?

Mirro’s user-friendly interface fosters an inclusive environment by accommodating diverse
needs related to culture, recognition, belongingness, remote work, and communication.


What makes our platform stand out?

Mirro’s employee performance management software helps unlock the full potential of your team. With Mirro, you will experience streamlined evaluations, real-time feedback, and improved employee development.

Give everyone a voice

Create a space where people can connect, interact, and celebrate milestones. Build a real workplace community.

  • The platform is engineered to promote recognition and visibility; each Mirro profile showcases all the praise an individual has received alongside the company values they have upheld;
  • Bring continuous feedback into the spotlight by giving your people a chance to ask for and provide perspectives; encourage them to speak up and hear them out;
  • New beginnings are always joyful with Mirro; new hires take center stage in a weekly newsletter and are featured on the main feed of the platform;
  • People can interact with each activity post by reacting or commenting; it’s now easier than ever to make everyone feel they’re part of a workplace community.
I was surprised to discover how easy it is to navigate through your first days as a new employee with Mirro. I had all the information about my colleagues, teams, departments, and critical company information on the platform. Moreover, my colleagues warmly welcomed me by commenting on the announcement in Mirro.
Dan Uidumac
Senior SEO Specialist, Zitec

Foster a sense of belonging 

Preempt disengagement and retain your top talent effortlessly. Bring everyone together with our DE&I software.

  • Our Have You Met feature brings your people forward, helping them get to know colleagues from other teams, departments, or locations;
  • Our DEI platform keeps everyone in the loop, including colleagues working remotely — it’s the best way to bring people together, regardless of where they choose to work from;
  • Help people learn about their colleagues with Mirro’s People Directory and Organizational Charts;
  • Encourage your employees to learn about their colleagues’ interests and the relationships between teams and departments;
  • Regularly share updates on organization level, departmental, and team goals.
Mirro helped us instill a sense of belonging, especially when colleagues from all over the country joined us. At a time when the team has grown significantly, it was important for us to make new colleagues feel included, celebrate every achievement with kudos, and better understand the strengths and weaknesses of team members.
Marina Din
Chief People Officer, Accace

Business Communication

Promote open communication and help people bond. Welcome every team member in your workplace community.

  • Mirro’s entertaining activity feed shows what happens throughout the company; think of it like social media for companies, but valuable and relevant;
  • Easily share updates and announcements with everyone, at any level: to the entire company, a department, or just a team;
  • Highlight important executive and company announcements to the entire workplace community;
  • Publicly celebrate work anniversaries, birthdays, and promotions by thanking colleagues and praising their efforts;
  • Stay transparent with Mirro’s OKR activity feed — see real-time who made progress on what objective;
  • Every user profile has its own activity feed with given and received kudos, OKR updates, promotions, etc.

80% of workers want to know more about how decisions are being 
made by their employers, according to Slack’s Future of Work study.


Help people understand organizational values

Endorse your company values and strengthen every link between your team members.

  • Easily link behaviors to organizational values with public recognition — help people understand how the values are lived within the company;
  • Public recognition shown in the activity feed helps people understand company values, principles, and expectations;
  • Mirro is highly customizable: add your values, your branding, the skills you endorse, and the desired business impact for every kudos;
  • See what values people receive recognition for and help your team members understand how to acknowledge and reward specific behaviors;
  • Link public recognition with the business outcome;
  • Use Mirro to dive in and see what each individual is recognized for.

Diverse teams tend to make better business decisions
87% of the time, according to a Cloverpop study.

Embrace diversity & individuality

Recognize, respect, and celebrate every team member's differences and unique qualities.

  • Encourage your people to share their perspectives by giving kudos and feedback;
  • Allow people to customize their profile by adding a customized bio, hobbies, personal information, and picture;
  • Showcase recognition, skills, company values, and business outcomes on their profile; this way, no two profiles are the same;
  • Ensure everyone feels welcomed, is treated fairly, and is supported to succeed in their role with regular, objective performance check-ins;
  • Create an inclusive and diverse culture by using People Analytics to analyze age, generational, and gender distribution;
  • Build a transparent and equitable workplace using Compensation Insights to implement fair compensation practices.

Diverse companies enjoy 2.5 times higher cash flow per employee, and inclusive teams 
are more productive by over 35%, according to a report by


Measure connections and relationships

Assess the strength of social bonds, identify areas for improvement, and enhance collaboration within your teams with our DEI platform.

  • Discover connectors (people who are well included) and look for outsiders (people who are yet to be included) in your teams;
  • Look for secluded working groups and teams and use Mirro to help them connect;
  • Identify the higher load on Performance managers as managing more than 8 team members could prevent them from providing the necessary feedback and attention to each of their people;
  • Leverage Mirro’s information and data in your company’s Succession Planning;
  • Discover feedback and recognition drivers within your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I effectively measure employee engagement and morale in real-time? plus-icon
  • Effectively measure employee engagement and morale in real-time by using Mirro’s continuous feedback software and having regular one-on-one conversations. This allows immediate response to address concerns and foster a positive work environment. In conjunction with an HCM platform, organizations can easily manage the entire employee experience.

  • How can I bridge the communication gap between departments to ensure a collaborative workflow? plus-icon
  • Bridge the communication gap between different departments by implementing cross-functional teams, using collaboration tools and platforms, fostering a culture of open communication, giving public recognition, and facilitating regular interdepartmental meetings and updates.

  • How do I create a continuous learning environment that caters to the diverse needs of employees? plus-icon
  • Create a continuous learning environment by offering diverse learning resources, personalized development plans, mentorship programs, and regular feedback. Tailor learning opportunities to individual needs and encourage a culture of curiosity and growth.

Build a better workplace 
with a Workplace 
Community & DEI Software.
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