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Empower your people to control their development and keep them aligned with Mirro, the human-centered business performance management software.


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Only 2 in 10 employees say their performance is managed in a way that motivates them to do outstanding work. With a continuous performance management software like Mirro, you can drive employee and business performance while achieving complete alignment.

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Never fly blind

Continuous performance management is about promoting, evaluating, and improving team performance so that people feel in control of their development. Mirro’s HCM platform makes the process seamless. 

  • Set clear individual and team goals that drive business growth and performance;
  • Bring alignment to your people by helping them see the bigger picture;
  • Fuel transparency and autonomy by showing your people 
    how their contribution drives business success. 

Highly aligned companies increase their revenue by 58% and are 72% more profitable. 

Keep a bird’s eye on your fast-growing team with data & analytics

Keeping up with your organization’s development can be challenging, especially in a hybrid environment. Mirro’s insights and dashboards make this process a breeze.

  • Identify top and low performers and analyze the teams and departments’ evolution;
  • Get monthly and annual overviews of your company’s new hires, leaves, and total headcount;
  • Access data that empowers you to lean on your organizational values to drive performance.
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Accelerate employee growth and support self-management

Give your people autonomy, empower them to reach their potential, and report effortlessly on their progress with Mirro. 

  • Control every aspect of the performance review process;
  • Save time filling individual performance check-ins and step into your next performance meeting with all the data you need;
  • Give and receive timely feedback and act on suggestions in real-time.

Celebrate team success & keep an eye on team achievements and goals

A well-designed recognition program can help drive an 11.1% increase in average employee performance. Switching to continuous performance management should’t be a guessing game. See how Mirro makes it 
a breeze for you and your people.

  • Recognize and celebrate individual and team achievements;
  • Make recognition clear and visible for everyone;
  • Keep track of individual, team, and department objectives.
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Develop leaders & nurture coaching skills

Help managers better understand their team’s performance and give them the tools they need to become better coaches.

  • Make conversations impactful with continuous performance reviews;
  • Leverage 1:1 meetings to communicate expectations and coach toward peak performance;
  • Be in tune with your team members and business goals to drive performance.

Mirro helps us be more organized and connected in a remote environment. I love the Kudos feature. It really helps create a more cohesive team spirit when working remotely. I also like the interface and how easy it is for me to manage my team’s vacation days and cross-compare to all the members of the organization.


Cristina Boncea

We were blown away by the social network graph and I absolutely loved watching the company values put into clear numbers for adoption.

And definitely, there is valuable data to be used since the talent acquisition phase.

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Razvan Badea 
People Manager, Revel

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