Mirro Helped Zitec 
Cut Employee Turnover by More 
Than Half the Industry Standard


With approximately 350 employees today, Zitec has nearly doubled its workforce since the pandemic started. Over the past three years, the company reported an average annual growth rate of 54%. Enhancing employee experience has always been a top priority for Zitec throughout these changes. After all, employees are the key to all their successes. Mirro is their trusted partner as they continue to refine their internal processes to assess people and business performance in this fast-growing and complex market context.


The business challenge

Over the years, Zitec has experimented with and tested multiple tools from established industry players focused on HR admin, performance management, and community areas. But they needed more than these tools to meet their needs.

The management and HR team were not happy with the flexibility and user-friendliness of the tested HRIS and performance management tools. Regarding workplace community tools, Zitec wanted something simple and noiseless that would align people to the values and heart of the company.

That’s why they chose Mirro over more complex tools. Mirro’s main advantage was that it was all-encompassing. Zitec tested Mirro from the beginning, starting with kudos, feedback, performance evaluations, and community, continuing with HR admin, and adopting the internal communication area this year.


The solution: Mirro

Any company’s rapid growth can only be sustainable if it has a strong culture that creates positive experiences for people. Zitec believes that retention, training & development, wellbeing, employee engagement, and work-life balance contribute to employees’ experience and success. 

Mirro is a flexible, user-centric, and business outcomes-oriented software. The platform is more about people than processes, but it does have a significant positive impact on both. 

With the adoption of Mirro, the Zitec team has stopped using separate tools for HR admin and feedback and performance management. Now, they are happy to have an all-in-one HRIS tool that integrates both areas.

Zitec’s team members were highly open to using Mirro from the beginning because they found important functionalities: visibility on available vacation days and the actual flow of vacation requests directly in the application, in real-time. Moreover, they were very open to using the functionalities in the performance management area because they addressed some real needs: Kudos, Feedback, and Performance Check-ins. 

The HR team ensured constant communication with the Zitec team during the adoption, answered questions, and directed new colleagues towards Mirro so that they now use the platform frequently.


Mirro has played a pivotal role in supporting Zitec’s growth. The platform has streamlined our performance management processes and empowered our employees for long-term development. The ability to give recognition and feedback within Mirro has become a source of personal energy, as I get an instant taste of all my colleague’s daily wins and celebrations that otherwise might get lost and uncelebrated. In the fast-paced world of business, it is essential to have a platform that goes beyond conventional performance management. Mirro stands out by offering a comprehensive solution that aligns seamlessly with our vision of fostering a strong and healthy organizational culture.


Alexandru Lapusan




The business outcome

Mirro is Zitec’s trusted partner in the journey towards the performance and development of team members, as well as their loyalty. With the help of the tool, the HR and management teams have visibility on essential aspects such as satisfaction levels, development needs, and the aspects Zitec can improve as an employer.

  • Team and business performance
    Zitec adopted a continuous performance management process about promoting, evaluating, and improving team performance so that people feel in control of their development. The team constantly shares and requests feedback from peers inside and outside the organization using Mirro. With the help of feedback received, managers can measure team and individual contributor impact. Performance check-ins are entirely hosted in Mirro, and managers get notified about everything they need to know about their people.
  • HRIS for distributed teams
    Mirro offers compensation data, leave and attendance management, document exchange, organizational charts, hybrid and remote work features, and more. With the help of Mirro, Zitec has saved massive amounts of time on HR administrative work per month, allowing the HR department to focus more on employee training and development and health and wellbeing initiatives. With the help of Salary Insights, Zitec has access to crucial metrics that guide the salary increase policies, helping the company stay competitive in the market.

  • Retention and engagement
    Attracting and retaining the best talent is a constant struggle for most businesses and one of Zitec’s focal points. Fortunately, things got a lot easier after developing and implementing Mirro. The tool helped Zitec ensure workplace diversity and brought people together through recognition and feedback, which are directly related to Zitec’s values and impact. 

  • Workplace culture
    As Zitec focused on providing open feedback, periodical performance check-ins, and implementing the OKRs system that Mirro provides, the level of transparent communication at the organizational level has also increased. Achieving complete alignment and transparency has proven highly beneficial in the context of Zitec’s significant business growth in the last three years, overlaid with the pandemic years that brought changes in how we work.

As a result of working with Mirro, in the last four years, Zitec has had a significantly higher loyalty rate than the IT industry average, which has been extremely dynamic, and an eNPS coefficient - the extent to which people would recommend Zitec as an employer - of around 80, consistently obtained on each semestrial survey.

Here’s what Zitec achieved with the help of Mirro:

  • Saved 30% of the time allocated to HR 
    administrative tasks, translating into 48K EUR  
    savings annually;
  • Repeatedly recorded yearly voluntary turnover rates significantly smaller than the industry average. For example, in 2022, the voluntary turnover rate was less than 12%, compared to the 25% average rate for the IT industry;
  • Not only has Zitec recorded lower turnover rates than the industry average for years, but it has also improved this rate year to year. For example, in 2023, Zitec’s turnover rate decreased by one-third compared to 2022;
  • Improved employer branding: Zitec achieved an impressive job offer acceptance rate of 82% in 2023, which is well above the average for the global IT market of 72%;
  • Implement a flexible work approach, allowing team members to work from anywhere.

Mirro is a solution focused on user experience, contributing to the evolution of HR processes and setting trends for the maturity and development of this field in line with the current needs of people in organizations. It looks towards the future, which aligns with our vision at Zitec. What I like most about Mirro is that it is intuitive and easy to use, and the setup and onboarding process is very easy compared to other HR applications. Mirro is a reliable tool I highly recommend for improving HR processes while focusing on people’s experiences within the organization.


Florentina Greger

Chief Talent

Experience Officer



As a financial department, we have to send out different updates and information that are difficult to process, which people tend to ignore. In this context, Mirro helped me send out our company’s current status in a friendly way that is easy to digest. Mirro is also my primary source of information, helping me be connected to what is happening in the company. I can be up-to-date with new projects, who is working on them, and everybody’s progress.


Cristina Polischi

Chief Financial Officer



In the past, we collected people analytics data from several sources. We could only export reports at the end of the month without having a clear picture of how various pieces of information fit together. Now, with the help of Mirro, we have access to beautiful, comprehensive dashboards that tell us a story. For example, through its network graphs, Mirro can help us quickly determine when an engagement issue occurs and quickly act on it.


Radu Sandulescu

Data Analytics & 
Operations Director



What’s next for Zitec

In the future, Zitec wishes to attract more specialists from all over the country. The current team brings together colleagues from Bucharest and Brașov – cities where Zitec has physical offices – and from Cluj, Timișoara, or Iași, cities where the company provides coworking spaces in partnership with Pluria.

Moreover, the company aims to improve data analysis further and get even smarter in making informed decisions. Mirro will continue to help Zitec achieve its goals by constantly improving the product and providing proactive insights, summaries, conclusions, and tailored recommendations.


About Zitec

Zitec is a nearshoring software engineering partner of choice to European multinationals and mid-size industry groups addressing complex multi-tenant and multi-user digital transformation projects. Its R&D and project capabilities shorten ramp-up time to development, production, & commercialization of bespoke digital products in e-commerce, SaaS platforms, mobile apps, embedded fintech, cloud architecture, and microservices for low-risk predictability and posterity, expediting operational efficiency, cost-savings and scale.


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