How Mirro Helped Tazz Create a Culture of Belonging


Tazz embodies a culture of agility, passion, and exceptional quality of work, and is one of the many organizations that shifted to remote work during the pandemic. With almost 200 employees today, the company is focused on building a healthy culture that nurtures strong workplace communities. And that’s where Mirro comes in!

The business challenge

After transitioning to remote work amid the pandemic, Tazz recognized the importance of fostering strong workplace connections. Moreover, given that driving performance is a core value for Tazz, the team wanted to enhance the performance management system by fostering ongoing feedback and making recognition a habit. In this pursuit, they discovered everything they needed in Mirro. Plus, they fell in love with the app’s interface, which helped team members adopt it and use it constantly.

The solution: Mirro

The Tazz team adopted Mirro at a time when most of the employees were working fully remotely. In this working context, the team members were “hungry” for a platform to help them connect and form meaningful work relationships. They found a space within Mirro to offer and receive feedback anytime and get to know their colleagues more.

With Mirro, the team has all the information needed in a single HR system: they can easily find all information about employees and use our company culture analytics to understand, measure, and improve the culture.

The HR team at Tazz wanted an outlet to bring remote employees together by providing tools for virtual collaboration, communication, and performance tracking. They developed the onboarding process around Mirro’s capabilities and maxed out the features related to employee recognition by “gamifying” the Kudos section for their employees.

Additionally, they ensured they had streamlined communication by using the internal communication aspect of Mirro to inform on policies, benefits, and organizational changes.


Oana Ilie

HR Director

Mirro is our strategic partner by aligning HR functions with the broader goals of the organization, enabling data-driven decision-making, supporting talent management, and contributing to overall efficiency and effectiveness. It plays a pivotal role in shaping and executing HR strategies that drive organizational success.


The business outcome

Regarding HR Admin, Tazz believes Mirro is the perfect partner to provide a centralized database for storing employee information, including contracts, personal details, performance reviews, and more. The team can now efficiently manage employment contracts as Mirro allows for easy tracking of contract start and end dates, making it easier to identify upcoming renewals or terminations.

They especially love the dashboards because they give visibility over people, time, and salaries. Mirro also allows them better to understand the company’s culture and people’s performance.

Mirro is their go-to resource to generate reports on various HR metrics, providing insights into workforce trends, turnover rates, and other key indicators. This data-driven approach helps them to support informed decision-making, and contributes to the company’s budgeting and forecasting.

Before Mirro, Tazz didn’t have an extended performance management process. The team developed its current performance management process with Mirro in mind, as they integrated self-assessments and managers’ feedback within their evaluation process.

Two important components of the performance management process are kudos and feedback:

The HR team gamified the kudos system to promote recognition among employees, encouraging them to both give and receive acknowledgment throughout the year. Every month, they launch a raffle with a non-financial gain, encouraging employees to send and ask for kudos from their colleagues.

The feedback feature is a tool managers use to gather all the perspectives they need to make informed decisions, such as asking for new perspectives from the collaborators of their people.

Mirro has been instrumental in driving accelerated team growth by providing a comprehensive digital workspace where employees can seamlessly engage with one another. The platform's integrated features, including private document access, objective setting, and a dynamic feed for company-wide updates, have created a collaborative ecosystem.

Moreover, Mirro has fostered a sense of unity and shared purpose among Tazz's team members by facilitating continuous feedback exchange and enabling visibility into individual accomplishments and time off. This interconnectedness has undoubtedly played a vital role in the team's growth and success.

In a nutshell, this is what Tazz achieved with the help of Mirro:

  • Achieve a 20% business growth in 2023, compared to 2022;
  • Refine the performance management process by including continuous feedback and recognition;
  • Have all HR admin information centralized in a single platform;
  • Foster a sense of community even in a remote working environment;
  • Build a strong culture where 90% of colleagues are committed to helping the business grow and are demonstrating that by being engaged within the organization.

Nicoleta Bibarț

Communication Specialist

Mirro’s social component has redefined how people interact within our organization, creating a vibrant digital community. The platform’s social features, such as the dynamic feed and feedback exchange, as well as company announcements and kudos, have significantly improved communication and collaboration. We’ve observed a noticeable increase in team cohesion and a stronger sense of belonging as employees actively share personal and professional milestones. Mirro’s social component has transformed work relationships by fostering a more connected and supportive environment, contributing to a positive shift in our workplace culture.


What’s next for Tazz

Mirro is Tazz’s strategic ally, ensuring HR functions align with the company’s objectives. Mirro facilitates data-driven decisions, bolstering talent management and enhancing overall efficiency. Mirro is crucial for shaping and implementing HR strategies that drive organizational success. Looking ahead, Tazz aims to fortify this partnership further, as Mirro is ingrained in their day-to-day business approach.

About Tazz

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About Mirro enables high-growth SMEs to build transparent and thriving workplace cultures that foster employee well-being and improve talent retention. Our performance management platform helps organizations overcome hybrid workplace disengagement by encouraging a sense of purpose and stimulating social sharing and community belonging around the globe. Teams and individuals that use Mirro are happier, highly engaged, and more productive.

As a user-friendly and highly social platform, Mirro drives more than 5k monthly interactions between team members through recognition, OKRs, continuous feedback, and meaningful performance conversations.

Innovative companies like eMAG, Tazz, Hochland, E Co., and noissue. use Mirro to empower their teams and nurture healthy, solid work relationships.

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