Performance Management Software
for Innovative Companies

  • Save time with a powerful HR software system
  • Drive business growth with performance management
  • Cultivate a feedback-friendly workplace
  • Improve overall organizational alignment
  • Enhance the retention of top talent
  • Strengthen your company culture
  • Get access to state-of-the-art data and analytics
  • Boost employee engagement and wellbeing
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Mirro is trusted by leading companies

Introducing Mirro, your go-to
performance management software

Drive employee and business performance and streamline HR operations with Mirro, the leading performance management software.

Mirro software helps companies build strong workplace cultures that foster employee wellbeing and improve talent retention. An HR software system like Mirro is critical to global HR and people management strategies.

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Increased productivity

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Why Mirro Software

Grow your business, engage, retain, and motivate your people with a single software solution.

Hybrid work

HR tech to shine a light on your dispersed teams

  • Ensure business success with a people analytics platform that enables advanced data visualization and reporting
  • Simplify HR admin work and save massive amounts of time for key team members
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement and growth through feedback sharing
  • Support flexible work arrangements

Workplace culture

Bring your people together with Mirro, the leading HR software system

  • Build the strong company culture you envision
  • Offer an employee experience that gets people talking
  • Keep everyone engaged in the workplace
  • Help employees achieve a better work-life balance
  • Recognize and reward employees to foster a sense of belonging.

Team and business performance

What you need to achieve complete alignment that drives business success

  • Help people understand the company’s goals and how they fit into the organization
  • Identify high-performing employees to reward them for their contributions
  • Get started with OKRs - Mirro provides you with the framework for setting goals, tracking progress, and providing feedback to employees
  • Leverage easy-to-use performance review tools
Continuous team
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Retain & engage

The tools to help you win the battle for retaining top talent

  • Put the ”social” and “community” back into work relations and teamwork
  • Gain insights on how individuals engage, excel, connect, and belong
  • Empower your people to reach their full potential
  • Create a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Enhance employee and business performance with Mirro HR software system

We loved the fact that we could see in a matter of seconds the areas we should focus more from a feedback and recognition point of view.


Marcela Fenesan
Chief Administrative Officer, Firebyte

Loved the social network graph, as we can see clearly who is engaged socially or not and we can have some internal initiatives to engage them more.


Pene Barton
VP, People and Remote, Noissue

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