Simona Lapusan

CEO & founder at Mirro | COO & co-founder at Zitec

Mirro allows me to blend my passion for technology and innate curiosity with my desire to discover what makes people tick. Together with Mirro’s readers, I am excited to find out how HR helps people thrive in any business environment. I’m trying to find the proper ingredients that turn any team into a high-performing one. Building Mirro is my first step in this direction, but many more will follow, so stay close!


Background: Simona is Mirro’s founder and CEO. She has held leadership roles in the tech industry for over twenty years. Over the years, Simona has explored how individuals, organizational culture, and workplace dynamics combine to drive growth and high-performance outcomes. Through her leadership knowledge, she helps people leaders guide better and teaches them to lead their teams toward achieving extraordinary results. Simona is genuinely passionate about people; she’s eager to discover what drives them and makes them behave in specific ways. Whenever she takes a break from building Mirro, she usually goes sailing, scuba diving, or discovering new places.

Portfolio: She shares lesser-known tips that transform good leaders into remarkable ones. Simona focuses on deconstructing the process of building high-performing teams and nurturing workplace communities that improve overall business performance. As a business executive, she aims to demonstrate the otherwise overlooked business impact of HR and how crucial this area is to companies committed to success.

Educational Background

Simona has a Master of Science in Automatics and Computer Science from the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest and a Master of Science in Project Management from the University of Economic Studies in Bucharest.

Social Profiles & Contact Information

If you want a front-row seat in Mirro’s journey, give Simona a follow on LinkedIn. She regularly posts about what it took her to build a healthy workplace culture, how people at Mirro and Zitec go out of their way to create truly fantastic employee experiences, and how she nurtures her teams on their path to success.

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