How Mirro Helped 2Performant Boost Employee Engagement and Morale


2Performant is a mission-driven technology company committed to democratizing marketing on a global scale. Their goal is to cultivate and create a transparent business environment that encourages and rewards marketing performance and drives growth and continuous improvement.

Launched in Bucharest in 2010, 2Performant started as an award-winning startup and is now the first technology company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. 2Performant has a unique vision of gamification of affiliate marketing.

Toward a culture of performance, innovation, and responsibility

With over 14 years of experience working in a dynamic environment, 2Performant has always focused its energy on performance, innovation, and responsibility in everything it does. This best describes its company culture and mindset today and moving forward.

2Performant operates remotely, so more transparency, recognition, and alignment were imperative to cultivating a strong organizational culture where employees feel connected and engaged. In this context, Mirro was the perfect choice for managing various HR functions and improving employee experience.

The business challenge

The people at 2Performant are eager to understand, test, and use new tools that help them improve their collaborative way of working. Their main challenge was integrating all the information into one HR digital system and successfully managing a remote team’s needs.

2Performant wanted to improve its performance management system and employee engagement. They found that having one integrated tool for multiple functionalities, including managing time off and vacations, is the best way to go about things in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

The solution: Mirro

2Performant’s tech-savvy team has a high adoption rate for new digital tools. As a result, the entire team received Mirro very well, and they soon discovered it is a reliable HR platform for multiple functionalities, from leave requests to kudos, feedback, and performance evaluations.

The team integrated Mirro into their culture and operations quite quickly. They started using it in October 2022, and only after a couple of meetings with the team, it was already part of their processes and workflows. They were pleasantly surprised by the high adoption rate in a very short time. By the middle of December 2022, Mirro was fully adopted by the entire team.

The switch to Mirro fits perfectly with how the 2Performant team works in every area, from operations, marketing, and finance to software development — with great flexibility, independently, but nested under a common structure.

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Adriana Ionas 

Chief Financial Officer

Mirro strikes a harmonious balance between cost-effectiveness and the value it adds. Mirro was the optimal choice as our initial step in shaping our corporate culture ambition. It offers a user-friendly interface accessible to all users while providing data in formats that align with the needs of a data-driven company. The insights it offers have proven invaluable.


The business outcome

2Performant has a digital native team, so it is critical for them to automate their work with the help of technology while still feeling connected to each other.

They chose Mirro for its user-friendly interface and excellent built-in features that encourage continuous feedback, public recognition, alignment with organizational OKRs, and easy performance reviews.

2Performant has two performance evaluations per year and Mirro facilitates this process by helping them give and receive feedback more efficiently. Before using Mirro, performance check-ins and feedback were managed in Google Drive files, making the process time-consuming. Now, all information is neatly organized, centralized in one place, and only a few clicks away. Plus, by setting clear and transparent objectives, managers can better understand their people’s performance.

Mirro has also helped 2Performant grow a culture of recognition and collaboration. The Kudos feature boosts employee morale, as colleagues light each others’ days by sharing their appreciation publicly. Moreover, the company feed contributes to nurturing a sense of belonging by giving the team nice reminders to celebrate newcomers, career milestones, birthdays, and achievements.

In terms of HR administration work, Mirro has proven to be invaluable for 2Performant. The HR team previously used an internal platform to manage leave requests, but it wasn’t sufficient because it lacked automation. Additionally, all employee information was stored in actual (physical) documents. With Mirro, the HR team can now handle employee information from a single source of truth, such as contracts and documents, benefit from the automated document exchange, and easily track leave requests.

In addition, Mirro assisted 2Performant in streamlining their HR reporting and enhancing their decision-making with insightful analytics and dashboards for people, time, culture, performance, and compensation. For example, the employee profile and history give them a clear image of each individual's income evolution. Managers can now generate budget predictions more quickly, fairly, and without losing sight of employee happiness (which is crucial for 2Performant), using compensation reports like time since last raise or job role pay comparison.

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Tiberiu Anghelina

Product Manager

Mirro has proven to be a precious tool for me as an employee of the company and as a Product Manager as well. Its intuitive design makes managing holiday requests a breeze, and its visibility into my colleagues’ schedules ensures seamless collaboration without intrusions. The thoughtful touch of work anniversary notifications fosters a connected team environment. It’s more than just an HR management tool – it’s a catalyst for team harmony and productivity.

In a nutshell, by implementing Mirro, 2Performant managed to:

  • Improve their performance management system;
  • Boost employee engagement and morale with the help of Kudos;
  • Ensure alignment and transparency through OKRs;
  • Have all employment information in a single and reliable platform;
  • Create a culture of collaboration and belonging in a remote environment.

What’s next for 2Performant

Since 2Performant’s work is 100% remote, they want to continue improving their team’s collaboration and achieve better employee engagement levels, focusing on employee well-being and development. The team is very excited to see how Mirro’s features will develop and support them in their growth journey.

About Mirro enables high-growth SMEs to build transparent and thriving workplace cultures that foster employee well-being and improve talent retention. Our performance management platform helps organizations overcome hybrid workplace disengagement by encouraging a sense of purpose and stimulating social sharing and community belonging around the globe. Teams and individuals that use Mirro are happier, highly engaged, and more productive.

As a user-friendly and highly social platform, Mirro drives more than 5k monthly interactions between team members through recognition, OKRs, continuous feedback, and meaningful performance conversations.

Innovative companies like eMAG, Tazz, Hochland, E Co., and noissue. use Mirro to empower their teams and nurture healthy, solid work relationships.

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