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Easier onboarding

The first steps are always a bit awkward. Mirro takes away the weird pauses, the “looking around” moments and gives you clear, actionable steps.

First interactions are guided and nurtured. Then, as soon as people start posting things on their own, the system lets them interact freely and create their own space.

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Activity Feed

This is the social core of Mirro. It’s the first thing you see when you open the app and the place where you live your accomplishments and praise colleagues for theirs.

It’s where kudos are shown and where OKRs are displayed. Where you celebrate birthdays and your first year in the company. Where you celebrate success and plan against defeat. There’s gifs too!

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Encourage interaction

Available on every page, Mirro offers shortcuts to the most useful interactions: Kudos, Feedback, access to OKRs and Checkin.

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Build effective teams

Easily create a space for your teams. Track teams activity, OKRs and members. Offer them a social hub of their own. Ensure performance and alignment with company practices.

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Show the ropes

Knowing who you need to contact for taking a day off is as important as learning where the kitchen is in the building.

A clear, easy to use, organisational chart is provided, with separate views for people and departments.

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Lidia Cristina B.

Content manager
Marketing and Advertising,
<50 employees
Used the software for: 6-12 months

“Above all, Mirro helps us keep connected”

Mirro helps us be more organised and more connected in a remote environment.

I love the Kudos feature. It really helps create a more cohesive team spirit when working remote. I also like the interface and how easy it is for me to manage my team’s vacation days and cross compare to all the members of the organisation.

I would like to have more options when it comes to evaluations. An option for tables or something more number-friendly would be great.

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