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Company culture analytics like you’ve never seen before
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Culture by numbers

Give culture a “face” with accurate data and visual graphs
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  • Start, understand, and develop your company culture

  • Address gaps in employee engagement and make informed decisions

  • Discover the length of service for your current team, distributed by generations

  • For people leaders, culture questions are answered in a smart, visual way
We’ll be using the company values graphs extensively. I love that we have clear, actionable intel at a glance: it’s easy to see what values need to be acknowledged more and we can take immediate action.
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Katerina Andritsou
People ManagerGlobalSat
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Company values

Find out how your team is living the company values
  • Understand how deeply the values are embedded in the culture and how they contribute to business goals

  • Develop managers’ ability to make their teams excited about the company values no matter where they are located

  • Access data that empowers leaders and managers to lean on the values of the organization to drive performance

We were blown away by the social network graph and I absolutely loved watching the company values put into clear numbers for adoption. And definitely there is valuable data to be used since the talent aquisition phase.
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Razvan Badea
People ManagerRevel
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Connections Cloud

Find the connectors, outliers, and secluded teams in your company
  • Discover the unwritten rules that govern the interaction of your team members

  • Find informal leaders, people connecting multiple teams, the ones involved in driving the organization forward, and even outsiders

  • Know what managers lead too many people and might not have the time to give everyone the attention and feedback they need

  • Use the readily available data in succession planning at your company

Connections Cloud Network Animation
Loved the social network graph, as we can see clearly who is engaged socially or not and we can have some internal initiatives to engage them more.
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Pene Barton
VP, People and RemoteNoissue
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Feedback Grid

Measure and grow your feedback culture
  • Identify the employees that have yet to embrace feedback and those that have already done so

  • Measure whether your company is feedback-driven and engage everyone in the process

  • Simplify the otherwise complex process of building a feedback culture

We loved the fact that we could see in a matter of seconds the areas we should focus more from a feedback and recognition point of view. The feedback and kudos graphs will help us tremendously in building a high performance and transparent culture.
Marcela Fenesan
Chief Administrative OfficerFirebyte
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Kudos Grid

Quantify recognition within your organization
  • Grow a culture of recognition

  • Leverage public recognition’s powerful impact on people

  • Effortlessly identify people who need praise and acknowledge the commitment of those who drive recognition

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