People Insights

It's time to really know your people

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Let transparency guide your DE&I endeavor
  • Easily see age & generational distribution across the company or at the department level

  • Quickly discover gender diversity and distribution

  • Mirro is an excellent DE&I software to support your  community strategy deployment


Organization Growth

Keep up with your organization’s development
  • Access a monthly and annual overview of your organization’s new hires, leaves, and total headcount

  • Analyze the growth indicators of each department or team

  • Detect spikes in new hires or leaves and take preventive actions

Mirro is a one-stop shop for everything people related, such as organization charts & leave requests, and I love the kudos feature so contributors can be shouted out by everyone.
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Retain just one employee, and you’ve fully recovered your investment in Mirro.

Employee Retention

Visibility on length of service, detailed by generation and department
  • Turnover and attrition at a glance, with monthly and yearly views

  • Identify upcoming employment losses and prepare for them

  • Discover the length of service for your current team, distributed by generations

  • Learn when to compensate seniority and length of service based on data & insights from the job tenure of former team members

New Hires

See if you need to take action in better retaining new hires
  • Find out whether new hires are leaving your company within the first three months so that you can improve the hiring process

  • Determine if you hire for success by measuring the percentage of new hires who are still with the company after 18 months

How to Build a  Successful Onboarding  Plan for New Hires

Retain top talent & boost employee engagement

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