Put our tech stack
to great use

High performance, scalability, efficiency, ease of use, and future-proofing.
That’s what you get when you use Mirro.
Learn how we use our tech stack to make it all happen.

Our head’s in the cloud

At our heart, we’re a Software as a Service company. So it’s no wonder that our head is in the cloud. Agility runs through our veins, and it shows in everything we do.

Microsoft Azure powers Mirro. We enjoy this flexible cloud computing platform, and we use it to turn our ideas into an innovative product: Mirro.

We have years of experience developing cloud-based apps. These are now put to great use, building the answer to your team performance issues.


The Dream Team is here

Our architecture is always evolving to drive efficiency and scalability. Delivering flawless code and operational excellence is the goal.

We work hard smart to solve challenges. From real-time analytics to unpredictable traffic, we’re happy to report there’s nothing we can’t handle.

There are lots of people on our Engineering team, making Mirro better for you day after day. You can find them performing the duties of:

For more details, make sure to check us out on LinkedIn as well.

Snoop on our tech stack

We love developing and deploying code quickly and scaling seamlessly. If you look under our hood, this is what you see.

Our front-end development is powered by ReactJS, Webpack, SASS, HTML5, CSS3, and NodeJS.

When it comes to back-end development, Symfony, RabbitMQ, MySQL, and Redis serve us well.

If you’re wondering about our web development tools, it’s GitLab, Jenkins, Docker, Vagrant, and Ansible getting us in front of you.

To make all the magic happen, we also rely on some nifty communication tools. Mirro’s at the top of our list, but no surprise here, right? We also dabbled in JIRA and Trello. You should see our boards; they’re a thing of beauty.

Best practices are our best friends, but we never shy away from innovation. Don’t take our word for it; see it for yourself.

Get the Mirro perks

Quick Setup

Everything about Mirro is self-serviced and self-provisioned.

You can get your team on board in a matter of clicks, and the app is good to go right away!

All you need is a browser and an internet connection. Talk about efficiency!

Highly scalable

Growing pains are real. But we always have your back, no matter if you’ve got 30 or 300 people on your team.

Plus you never have to worry about hardware investments with us, because there are none.

Awesome in real-time

With so much real-time data aggregated by Mirro, it doesn’t take long for insights to light your path forward.

Future-proofing you with our tech and analytics is one of our specialties.

So, so private

We’re GDPR-compliant, we have strong privacy policies in place, and the technology to keep you secure.

Whatever you do with Mirro, it’s your business and yours alone.

Add performance to your workflow

Thanks to our tech stack and dedicated team, with Mirro you can:

  • Deliver like never before
  • Praise every effort
  • Impress people with your onboarding system
  • Nourish healthy feedback habits
  • Create alignment with clear OKRs
  • Turn admin tasks into an easy-breezy thing