Personal goals - How to set strong personal goals and achieve your company’s objectives and key results in no time

Whether you have small or big dreams, setting objectives will allow you to plan how you want to evolve in life, both in your career and personal life. Some achievements can take a lifetime to complete, while others can be done in a day - and this is when patience becomes a virtue.

Whether you set general goals or plan specific ones, a sense of accomplishment will always add value to your purposes. Even if it may be daunting at first, setting clear goals will help you take the first steps and dream big! 


  1. Personal goals - Life advice on how to be more clear on your objectives
  2. How to set personal goals through the SMART method
  3. Personal goals at work - Why are OKRs essential today

Personal goals - Life advice on how to be more clear on your objectives

Whether you are an employer or a company owner, there’s always the perfect time to set new goals - they can help you grow in many areas, including education, work, health, and psychological health. It’s true that a lot of people choose to set their goals at the end of the year, but specialists say that there are low chances to achieve those objectives. 

Here are a few ways to implement your short and long-term goals in your daily life:

  • Set goals for the most important areas in your life

The most important areas in your life should be health, finances, and personal development, so you need to learn how to prioritize your goals.

The field you should focus on more depends on where you are in your life - if your company is already successful, you will obviously want to focus more on the other areas of your life.

Setting goals helps you focus on accumulating resources and knowledge and will teach you how to organize your time in a constructive way, to reach the final objectives, and to fully enjoy your fruitful results. All these steps will contribute to better self-esteem and too precious lessons that will help you in the future. 

  • Write down your plan

Make a plan to achieve your goals - be it on your favorite device or in writing. Once you put down the ideas, you will have a much clearer picture of your short and long-term objectives. In addition, this plan will be useful as a tool for progress evaluation, but also as a way of knowing your purposes better.

And remember: the path to fulfilling your dream can be easier or more difficult, depending on how far you get out of your comfort zone!

  • Set realistic expectations

It is important to honestly assess your situation and recognize which objectives are realistic and which are not achievable at the given moment. Ask yourself if you have all the resources you need to accomplish your goals.

For example, if you want to run a marathon, you’ll have to spend a lot of time exercising and running, so if you don’t have the time or mood to dedicate yourself to this mission, then maybe it’s not the right time for this specific goal. But you can focus on other smaller objectives that can help you long-term - eating healthier, doing yoga, or simply exercising at home.

How to set personal goals through the SMART method

The concept of SMART goals first appeared in an article published in the 80s and since its introduction, many business management experts have elaborated the principles of the acronym "SMART" in various ways. According to this method, objectives can be SMART if they are:

  • Specific - an objective must be as detailed and specific as possible. It identifies the precise aspect of performance and key results.
  • Measurable - when you set goals, how can you measure their progress and evolution? With the ongoing feedback from Mirro, you can evaluate your team members when necessary and write down in real-time everything that is to be transmitted. Thus, the goals will be much more specific and constructive.
  • Achievable - when it comes to this step, ask yourself these two questions: “Can my goals be achieved under the given conditions?” and “Do I have the necessary resources to be able to achieve it?”. Before answering these questions, keep in mind that the goals must take you out of your comfort zone, otherwise growth won’t be achievable. 
  • Realistic - although it is absolutely wonderful to have high aspirations, you need to make sure that the goals you are going to set are realistic and that you have all the resources at hand to complete it, both financially and intellectually. 
  • Timely - your goals should come with a deadline, but give it enough time to allow you to take it to step by step. That’s the best way if you want to reach all your goals by the target date.

Lastly, make sure you can describe each of your goals in specific detail and that each goal is relevant to your company's overall mission. Monitor progress weekly and ask for regular information and feedback, so you can help your team stay motivated and productive. 

Personal goals at work - Why are OKRs essential today

When it comes to articulating goals, it is essential to monitor progress as often as possible, even daily, in order to move forward in this process. But, as working from home has become the new normal in areas where this is possible, it is necessary to keep up with these changes and find the right tools that can help you in this mission. Thus, OKR SaaS tools are here to support the productivity of colleagues who work remotely and to provide more efficient feedback about ongoing projects and objectives. 

When it comes to the company’s goals, experts say it’s necessary to identify 3-5 key objectives that should be ambitious and SMART. Although it seems similar to the traditional theories used by most companies, the OKRs process is different because it can divide the objectives into smaller tasks that can be more achievable, which makes it the perfect tool for measuring and aligning your long-term goals. 

Moreover, getting and giving feedback is very important, especially for colleagues who are involved in the process, so that all the plans and key results can be accomplished on time.

Therefore, when setting new goals, you need to consider several aspects, such as resources, time, and a well-developed and easy-to-track plan. To save valuable time, this plan needs to be reviewed periodically to see if you are heading in the right direction. If the strategy does not deliver the expected results, the principles must be reviewed and modified in order to achieve the objectives set at the beginning of the project. 

With our software, you can get rid of many worries, through an automated system that will support you step by step in all important projects. Do you want to set amazing goals for your team? Then ask for an offer and start your Mirro journey now!


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