Theodora Stanciu

Lead HR Writer

I am a digital storyteller, passionate about all things social and tech. I love exploring the dynamic shifts within the HR industry and how the modern workplace is becoming a canvas where tech and human dynamics converge. I aim to craft compelling stories where healthy cultures and excellent employee experiences take center stage.

Expertise Summary

Theodora writes about Workplace Culture, Hybrid & Remote Work, Meetings & Communication, Learning & Development, HR Tech & News, and Employee Experience.


Background: Theodora is the Lead HR Writer at Mirro and has 2+ years of experience writing content for the HR industry.

Portfolio: She shares stories from HR experiences, like overcoming challenges in team dynamics or implementing successful OKR systems. She often collaborates with industry thought leaders to share their views on the latest topics trending in the new world of work.

Educational Background

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources and a Master’s in Cultural Anthropology, both from the University of Bucharest.

Social Profiles & Contact Information

You can find Theodora on LinkedIn, where she advocates for healthy workplace cultures and often shares personal stories and tips & tricks related to the marketing & HR industries.

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