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Eye candy for the number crunchers and stats aficionados.

A bird’s-eye view for the most important aspects of your business

People Insights

Need to see the big picture of your organization? It’s easy. Need to further look into the gender difference of your team? You got it. How many objectives are in the whole company? We’ve got you covered.

With Mirro you can see data of your teams to help you make better management decisions.

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Time off insights

Picture this. You want to know how much time off is consumed in your organisation. Your options? Calculating it yourself, hoping you don’t forget anything, or badgering someone in HR about it. Not that streamlined, right?

With Mirro, you get a whole section dedicated to counters for available and used days off. Including a leaderboard showing who has the most or least available.

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Salaries insights

Managers and HR people, you know what pain admin tasks can be. But dealing with paperwork isn’t the best use of your time. Let Mirro turn your days around. Here, you deal with requests from your team quickly.

You get management reports packed with retention, diversity, and capacity planning insights. All straightforward, so you can focus on the work that matters.

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Complete control over your company performance

Analyze manager-employee relationships, individual performance trends and improvement course of action.

Filter mentees by relevance to date, time since last check-in and assign new (or change) performance managers.

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Dashboard OKR

You no longer have to try and remember what you did last month. Or guesstimate how far along your projects are. Mirro keeps track of it all for you.

Step into your next manager meeting with all the data you need and make performance reviews a breeze. Focus on what matters; we got you covered.

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Silvia Z

Frontend developer
Small business,
<50 employees
Used the software for: 6-12 months

“I love Mirro because it gives me a positive experience every time I use it which is almost daily.”

It saves me a lot of time not having to talk to the HR every time I have leave requests and I also love the flexi time options. I can do both now with just a few clicks other than print paper and sign it every time.

I love the custom icons and the little jokes (shown with loaders or in other widgets). I like its simple design and easy-to-use layouts. Everything is just a few click away.

I also like the feedback feature, it helped me improve my working skills and also the relationship between myself and my other colleagues. Another feature that I think is very important is giving Kudos. This is a great way to make ourselves feel appreciated.

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