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Time off: easy to ask for, easy to manage

Control every aspect of time off administration in your company

Request leave

When you’re ready for a holiday, go to Mirro, select your type of leave, fill in your dates, and send your request. Your manager will receive it and handle it.

Don’t worry about accidentally overlapping your break with someone else’s on your team. The Mirro integrated calendar lets you avoid any mishaps.

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Flexi time

Doctor appointment? Urgent school pick-ups? Life happening? Sometimes, stuff can’t wait. So, if you need to be out of the office for a few hours, put in a request through Mirro.

You can easily keep track of your flexi-time with Mirro. And if you have to balance it out, there’s a section available for asking to put in extra work hours. You’ll be done in less than five clicks.

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Remote Work

Manage all remote work requests from a single, integrated interface. Mirro automatically adds all the info to the company calendar.

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Rules Setup

Create your own leave taking rules. Need a one-off, company paid vacation to Ecuador? Add it, use it, file it.

Seniority? Medical or Study leave? Special events of all kinds, Mirro speaks all leave languages.

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Tracking & stats for time off usage included

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Madalin Gavrila

Telesales Representative Mid Market
51-1000 employees
Used the software for: <6 months

“It’s user friendly and very intuitive”

Helps me keep the track of everything I do or my colleagues do. I can book my holidays online and see how many free paid days I have left. The design is very friendly. Helps with planning my free time and holidays. Not stressing out to write down somewhere how many paid days I have left. I can keep track of the time I spent working.

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