People & Records

Working with people is hard rewarding!

Do right by your people and your people will do right by you.

Manage your organisation

Knowing who you need to contact for taking a day off is as important as learning where the kitchen is in the building.

A clear, easy to use, organisational chart is provided, with separate views for people and departments.

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Document management

Certificates of employment. Medical records. Bank contracts. Receipts for tax purposes. A good chunk of life can be spent waiting for papers from HR.

Mirro lets you generate and download over 12 types of legal documents all by yourself. And with precisely zero trips to HR.

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Employment Contracts

No one is fond of contract management because there is no clear picture of how a contract evolved over time and because of the huge amount of extra work when one small detail is misplaced.

Mirro solves these, by giving admins the right amount of flexibility. It streamlines repetitive fields, and gives users the right amount of clever, useful details.

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Pre-Payroll Accounting

Easily export data for your chosen payroll provider.

We store data about specific events and contracts, we can export it in a clear way, which your accounting firm will breeze through.

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Stevanca Vieru

Senior Legal Advisor & Compliance Officer
Mid Market
51 – 1000 employees
Used the software for: <6 months

“Accessible and useful”

Very useful for housekeeping HR matters, having all information in one place. Using it for communication with HR, sending documents, viewing organigrame

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