Performance review software

Outcome oriented performance check-ins
Individual performance check-ins are fair to employees and useful to managers.

Customizable continuous performance management

Control every aspect of the process. Set your own timeline, mark your progress, ask for feedback, and establish much-needed check-in routines – all with just a couple of clicks.

Get everyone in sync, nurture your team, and fuel a culture of growth and visibility.

performance check-in

Stop worrying about time wasted filling the form - it’s always on! Plus, it’s easy to customize and adapt to your timeline.

Mirro lets you chose the type and number of discussion items for your check-in form and notifies each participant when it’s time to share or conclude the review.

Overview of
individual development

…and breakthrough performance along one’s journey.

Get a clear timeline of past check-ins and the conclusions obtained. Make easy comparisons based on period and performance manager.

Complete control over your
company performance

Analyze manager-employee relationships, individual performance trends and improvement course of action.

Filter mentees by relevance to date, time since last check-in and assign new (or change) performance managers.

How to get started with Performance Management at your company
Performance management is an ongoing process, where both parties have responsibilities:
As manager
As an invidual contributor
Communicate the vision and strategy
Understand where the business is heading
Define success
Recognize how you can contribute to the company’s success
Provide regular feedback
Act on feedback received
Coach, lead and inspire
Take ownership of goals and growth opportunities

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Alex D

Senior Business Developer
51-200 employees
Used the software for: 2-3 years
“The best tool for team engagement, continuous feedback and performance management”

I especially like the engagement, feedback and performance management. Mirro actually helped shape our internal process and the way we do things, with a special focus due to the pandemic. Moreover, the Kudos functionality has especially helped give recognition and build trust across colleagues and teams.

Everything went smooth; authentication and integration were simple and using Mirro is simple and straightforward. We’ve increased engagement and feedback exchanges while measuring all the appropriate metrics better. I use Mirro daily and feel that it brings tremendous value to my colleagues and me.