Performance review software

Get everyone in sync, nurture your team, and fuel a culture of growth and visibility.
Let Mirro light your path forward as your performance review software.

Performance appraisal and employee review software

Performance reviews can no longer be a once in a blue moon dreaded affair! Shake things up with Mirro.

Create timelines, mark your progress, ask for feedback, and establish much-needed check-in routines – all with just a couple of clicks.

Performance review diagram of a employee

Highlight your growth

Documenting your way to success and showcasing your progress is now easier than ever with Mirro. Share your results, accomplishments, and lessons learned while working on your goals. And get ready to bask in some Kudos while you’re at it. ;)

Do more than ever before

Decide what you’d like to improve and achieve in the near future. And then plan it and sync it all with Mirro. Set yourself up for success and enjoy the clarity of knowing exactly what your next step will be.

Pave your way to better 1:1s

When you can easily keep track of your work and worries, stepping into the next meeting with your manager with a clear plan comes naturally. And it’s what Mirro can do for you. Goodbye aimless talks, hello engaged conversations answering real questions!
Employee performance review platform

Get the support you need

Signaling you need help, you’re stuck, or you’ve identified a problem isn’t always easy. But Mirro makes it a piece of cake. You get a dedicated safe space where you can ask for help and highlight your ideas for change. So, go ahead and make your voice heard.

Align your team

Managers, this one’s for you. If you’re tired of the unproductive way you’re doing things now, you’re ready for Mirro. You’ll never dread performance reviews ever again. You can have everything in one place. You can use data to grow your team, nip problems in the bud, and improve communication flows – cool graphs included. It’s not a dream; it’s Mirro.
Employee performance review platform