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Engagement isn’t just a buzzword. It’s the concept that sits at the very core of most successful companies out there.


Employees thrive when their contribution to the company is recognized. By giving Kudos, it’s easy to show people how valued they are and how meaningful their work is. You can even map out their impact and alignment with your company’s values in the most transparent way.

Kudos show up in the company feed and employee profile, so this way, everyone knows who is moving the needle and how. There’s just so little time and so many kudos to give!

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Whoever said feedback is difficult to give has never used Mirro. Our platform helps you effortlessly share and request feedback from colleagues, collaborators, and external people. Nobody will postpone giving feedback, as Mirro’s request form is straightforward to fill in.

Performance review conversations will once again find their lost originality, and your team members will have a clear understanding of what they do well and how they could improve their work.

Employee Experience

Your onboarding process sets the groundwork for how engaged your employees will be. Mirro helps you make sure they become hooked on your team and values through a seamless onboarding experience, guided interactions, and a built-in activity feed that shines a light on the latest news and accomplishments.

Plus, it’s easy to manage your teams in Mirro and update the organisational chart. This way, important information never gets lost again.

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