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People & Diversity

Mirro grants you access to data that is essential to your business. Imagine the conclusions you can draw from having a breakdown of employees by generation or knowing their length of service and turnover by demographics.

With such extensive data, you can personalize your benefits offerings, adjust your internal tone of voice for optimal delivery, and better manage your multigenerational workforce. You will have a real chance at overcoming the challenge of attracting and retaining talent regardless of generational differences and their approach to work.

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Most high-growth businesses struggle to preserve their company culture as they scale. As your culture evolves to embrace diversity and inclusion, it gets increasingly more challenging for key people to maintain the alignment of team members with the company’s core values.

Mirro helps sustain your culture as you scale by keeping people engaged through state-of-the-art social features, advanced community-building tools, and vital insights & metrics on how engaged and happy your teams are.


Mirro’s dashboards keep you in the know about the career path and progress of every team member, how often they update an OKR, how satisfied they are with projects, and how well they fit into the internal ecosystem you all are part of.

With our platform, staying on top of your business goals will no longer require as much effort as it did, and you can redistribute your resources to more exciting and high-impact projects.

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It’s about time you had complete control over your company’s performance. Our dashboards help you keep track of key metrics related to objectives, time, and salaries. Mirro knows the status of a certain OKR, how far you’ve come, or how long you’ve got until completion, and it even estimates your company’s performance trends.

Guessing your metrics will become a thing of the past. With such insights and transparency, there is nothing to stop you from conquering your business goals.

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