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Your remote team members won’t feel left behind and your HR
managers will be able to keep up with, well, everything.

Leave & Attendance

With Mirro, gaps in work coverage are a thing of the past. Our platform helps you keep track of flexi-time, set your own time off approval flows, manage leave requests without a hassle, and approve work away requests in an instant.

Mirro enables you to define your own leave policies and helps you drill down into the attendance data within your company, which becomes of utmost importance when shifting to a hybrid workplace model. Flexibility will now have a new meaning for your team.

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People & Records

Life gets easier when you keep all employee data in one secure, user-friendly, and highly customizable platform. Document exchange becomes easier, updating employee data is no longer a tedious task, contracts are always at hand, and pre-payroll accounting becomes enjoyable.

Forget about having your team members come down to the office for a document when they can simply submit a request through Mirro and get notified once it’s available there.

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