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Performance Overview in Mirro.io

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Simplify your growth journey through OKR alignment and regular performance check-ins.
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Few things can help fuel business growth like setting transparent goals and a clear collective purpose. And you only need one platform to rule all your objectives – Mirro. With its powerful OKR management features, our software connects the dots and helps all team members see the big picture about how their contribution drives business progress.

You can set your own OKRs and use the comprehensive dashboard to track progress, all from day one; nobody will attend a training on how to set objectives ever again.

OKR management features in Mirro.io
Overview of performance check-ins in Mirro.io

Performance Check-Ins

With Mirro, you are more in tune with your team members and business goals. You can oversee individual performance check-ins, follow growth journeys for individuals and teams, and fine-tune your company’s performance.

Simply put, no team member will be left behind, and no objective will fly under your radar. Growth can be challenging for many reasons, but lack of OKR alignment should not be one of them.

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