Roxana Găină

Digital Marketing Manager

I’m all about writing a great story; this process always starts with the people. I love covering how the HR industry evolves and how people’s roles change. While technology advances and new things come into focus, I firmly believe that people still need to come first. And this is precisely what I want to report on.


Background: Roxana is the marketing manager at Mirro and has 2+ years of experience in HR-related content.

Portfolio: She shares stories that challenge the status quo in the HR industry and untangles the strings of designing the perfect performance management system. Roxana often interviews experts, executives, and influencers within the HR industry to bring a fresh perspective to old stories.

Educational Background

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Alexandru Ioan Cuza University (Romania’s oldest university) and a Master’s in Digital Marketing from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA).

Social Profiles & Contact Information

Roxana often posts on LinkedIn, discussing how leadership is changing today, the importance of working in healthy cultures, and the many ways public recognition fuels growth within a business. She is passionate about healthy workplace cultures and excellent employee experiences. Contact her if you have something to share about this; she’d love to cover it on Mirro’s blog!

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