Leave Management: How to Ace It as a Small Company

Imagine this.

You decide to take some time off. You go around the office and ask the other people you work with if they have similar plans in the near future. You know your manager will ask about this and only approve your request if there are no overlaps. 

You manage to lock in your dates, so you get verbal confirmation from your boss and double it by sending an email. You also try to add to a shared spreadsheet for your team but can’t find the latest version, so you just start working on your holiday itinerary instead. 

Weeks go by with no reply, but that’s normal. In the past, you’ve even gotten the official approval while you were already away, enjoying some much-needed TLC.

Months after your holiday, someone from HR comes by to ask you for the signed time off request. But you didn’t even get it in the first place, and it’s not like your to-do list needed another unimportant but urgent task...

So, you track down the company’s PTO template. You try to find your original email for the dates, but you must have deleted it since. You scour your personal calendar and finally identify the approximate dates you were away.

You print your request and leave it with your manager. It sits on their desk for days and only gets signed after you’ve asked about it twice. But you don’t take it personally; you know admin work is the worst.

Finally, you make your way to HR and drop off that one piece of paper that’s been driving you crazy for the past week.  

Now, I really, REALLY wish this was just a figment of the bureaucratic side of my imagination. But this scenario that collapses into caricature happens in offices more often than we care to admit. It happened to me, and maybe it happened to you.

However, there is a better way of doing things. One that doesn’t involve emails, spreadsheets, and printouts. It’s time for a modern-day tool for modern-day companies. After all, we’re two decades into the new millennium. (Yes, it’s been that long!)

Cut down on admin time with Mirro 

To dodge the bullet of unnecessary complications, you need Mirro. So, get ready to share this link with your manager and HR people and make everyone’s life easier.

Mirro is the employee leave management system that makes admin tasks a breeze and lets you focus on work that truly matters.

Mirro makes keeping track of your PTO easy. Whenever you want to take time off (and you really should), you're just three steps away from complete relaxation: 

Select your type of leave.

  1. Fill in your dates.
  2. Aaand send your request off its merry way. 
  3. Your manager will receive it and handle it.

Oh, and don't worry about accidentally overlapping holidays. The Mirro integrated calendar lets you avoid any conflicts, so we've eliminated all friction for you. 

Admin tasks can really be a pain. But dealing with paperwork isn't the best use of anyone's time in a small company. So try Mirro for free and let it turn your days around!


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