Ongoing feedback

The easy way to get feedback is to give feedback.
When you cut away all the awkwardness and all the red tape,
all that remains is fast and efficient, freely shared perspectives.

Give feedback freely

Say goodbye to the rigidity of formal feedback sessions.

Mirro helps you share feedback with people in your company and even with external guests or collaborators.

Mention what you appreciated in a particular situation, give some guidance on what could be improved, and click submit. You’ll make someone’s day brighter.

Ask for feedback from
a colleague or from a
partner / external source

It’s just as easy to request feedback for yourself or for a colleague/employee, from a colleague or from an external source.

If the external guest is not already in the system, simply add them and they will be saved for later use.

External feedback

Present your clients with a clear, easy to fill and to understand interface for their feedback.

Request feedback from clients for your project, for yourself or for an colleague / employee assigned to that particular client’s project.

Manage your
Feedback requests

You can see your past history, choose to respond or opt out of new feedback requests and get a general overview of all your interactions.

Why is feedback important in the communication process:
Types of feedback and how to increase performance at work by correct evaluation

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Software Developer
51-200 employees
Used the software for: <6 months
“The best tool for team engagement, continuous feedback and performance management”

My overall experience with Mirro was a very good one, I managed to ask for feedback and receive it anytime I wanted.

I love Mirro because it allows us to keep track of our holiday days and see when our colleagues are off. It is also synchronised with Teams, so those will be automatically added to our calendar.

I don’t think there is something that should be changed about Mirro. Though, it would be nice to add more reactions (e.g. love, haha, angry), as Facebook has :D