G2's 2023 Summer Reports: Mirro Recognized as a Leader & Momentum Leader

Mirro is named a Leader and a Momentum Leader in G2 Summer 2023 Reports.

For the fifth consecutive quarter, Mirro has been recognized as a top leader in the Performance Management System Software industry, enhancing our presence across various categories.

We're featured in 32 G2 Summer 2023 Grid® Reports and named a Momentum Leader in three categories — Performance Management, Objectives and Key Results (OKR), and Core HR. In addition, Mirro is recognized as a Leader in the Mid-Market Grid® for Absence Management. This award is given to products with high customer satisfaction and increased regional market presence.

Only a select few products receive the Leader badge, making it one of the most prestigious recognitions given by G2. A product's Leader score is calculated using a proprietary algorithm based on data sourced from product reviews shared by G2 users and data aggregated from online sources and social networks.

These awards show our commitment to delighting our customers with outstanding features, as was shown in our past recognitions from G2's Spring 2023 Grid® Reports. We're thrilled to share some of the things our customers loved about our product over the past months. Take a peek at the exciting highlights that brought smiles to our customers' faces and filled us with pride!

Leader in the Mid-Market Grid® for Absence Management

Mirro is a Leader in Absence Management, with an overall G2 score of 68. Our product ranks sixth out of 16 absence management software solutions globally. Additionally, Mirro is a High Performer in the Grid® Report for Absence Management. These awards make Mirro a top choice among absence management software providers.

High Performer in the Performance Management Grid®

Mirro is a High Performer in the Europe Regional Grid®, Small-Business Grid®, and Mid-Market Grid® for Performance Management Systems.

Mirro received a 9.19 score on the Performance Management Implementation Index, placing us second. Ease of setup, implementation time, user adoption, and other factors are considered when calculating this score. 

In the Performance Management Usability Index, Mirro scored 9.28. This category rates the product's ease of admin, ease of use, or how well it meets users' requirements, among other criteria.

In the Performance Management Relationship Index, Mirro scored 9.37. This category rates the product's ease of business, likeliness to recommend, and quality of support, among other criteria.

High Performer in the Grid® for Core HR Software

Mirro is named a High Performer in the Small-Business Europe Regional Grid® Report, Europe Regional Grid® Report, and Mid-Market Europe Regional Grid® Report for Core HR.

In the Core HR Relationship Index, Mirro scored 9.14, placing it in the top ten Core HR software solutions rated by ease of business, likeliness to recommend, and quality of support, among other criteria.

High Performer in the Grid® Report for Objectives and Key Results (OKR)

Mirro is also a High Performer in the Grid® Report for Objectives and Key Results (OKR) Software. This category ranks solutions based on customer satisfaction and market presence. 

In the OKR Usability Index, Mirro scored 9.34, and in the OKR Implementation Index, Mirro scored 9.16, placing it in the top five OKR software solutions. We're beyond honored to receive the 'High Performer' badge in the OKR report, indicating that we are moving in the right direction in the OKR software marketplace.

To Our Amazing Customers, Thank You!

We are thrilled that Mirro continues to make waves in G2's Grid® Reports, quarter after quarter. It's an honor to be listed in the latest reports and indexes, especially as Momentum Leaders. 

At Mirro, we constantly strive to enhance our features and provide exceptional solutions that delight our customers. These awards and recognitions truly validate our unwavering commitment and relentless dedication.

And that's not all! This quarter, we've received the "Easiest To Do Business With" badge in the Small-Business Relationship Index for Core HR, which shows the entire essence of our product: being authentic, keeping it accessible, and being mindful of our business partners.

We want to express our deepest gratitude to all our clients. Every award and recognition we receive reinforces our belief that we are on the right track. It ignites our passion for going above and beyond for our clients, giving our absolute best daily. If you want to see all our badges, read some reviews, or even leave one of your own, feel free to visit our profile on G2.




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