G2 Spring Awards: Mirro is the Most Implementable OKR Software for Two Consecutive Quarters

We are thrilled to announce Mirro's new accomplishments in G2's Spring 2024 Reports, which again recognize us as a top player in the industry! Our platform has reaffirmed its position as the most implementable OKR software for the second quarter.

This time, we are featured in 81 reports, received 37 badges, and continue to rank high in Performance Management, OKRs, Core HR, and Absence Management categories.

With a focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, Mirro remains at the forefront of the performance management software industry, driving innovation and setting new standards of excellence.

Check out the exciting highlights from the past three months that made our customers happy and us proud!

Momentum Leader in Momentum Grid® Reports 

Mirro has once again been recognized as a Momentum Leader in Performance Management, Core HR, and Absence Management categories. Products placed in the Momentum Leader Grid® rank in the top 25% of their category's products by their users.

Mirro achieved a 55 Momentum Grid® score in Absence Management, placing it in third place. In Performance Management, Mirro got a 58 score, and a 60 score in Core HR, putting it in the top 30 solutions.

Most Implementable for OKRs Category

Additionally, Mirro has been recognized for the second quarter in a row as the Most Implementable software in the Implementation Index for OKR—the overall score of 9.23 places Mirro first in this category. 

The score is calculated based on factors such as ease of setup, average user adoption, and average months to go live. This award demonstrates that we deliver value to our customers as quickly as possible, and they receive our product well.

High Performer in Grid® Report for Performance Management Category

Mirro has once again been recognized as a High Performer in the Performance Management category, with 92% of users saying they would likely recommend our solution

Products placed in the High Performer quadrant in the Grid® Report boast elevated customer Satisfaction scores and highlight Mirro's consistent delivery of top-notch performance management solutions.

Mirro is among the highest-ranking products in terms of Ease of Doing Business (95%) and Quality of Support (96%).

We’ve won 10 badges in this category, including:

  • High Performer in Europe Regional Grid®; 
  • High Performer in EMEA Regional Grid® Report; 
  • High Performer in Small-Business Grid®.

High Performer in Grid® Report for OKRs Category

Our platform also performs exceptionally well in the OKR category, which ranks solutions based on customer satisfaction and market presence. In the OKR Usability Index, Mirro scored 9.34, and in the OKR Implementation Index, Mirro scored 9.16, placing it among the top five OKR software solutions

92% of users say they would likely recommend Mirro, and we scored above 90% in all satisfaction ratings: quality of support, ease of use, meets requirements, ease of admin, ease of doing business with, and ease of setup.

We're beyond honored to receive the 'High Performer' badge in the OKR report, indicating that we are progressing in the OKR software marketplace.

High Performer in Grid® Report for Core HR Category

Mirro has also been recognized for its Core HR solutions, with 91% of users saying they would likely recommend our solution. Key metrics include:

  • Quality of Support: Mirro 95% vs 89% industry average;
  • Ease of Use: Mirro 94% vs 89% industry average;
  • Ease of Doing Business With: Mirro 97% vs 86% industry average;
  • Ease of Setup: Mirro 94% vs 86% industry average.

Mirro has been mentioned in 22 reports for this category and received 10 badges, including High Performer in Europe, EMEA, and Small-Business Regional Grid® Reports.

High Performer in Grid® Report for Absence Management Category

Last but not least, Mirro has also been recognized as a High Performer in Absence Management, securing a total of six badges across the Europe & EMEA Regional Grids® and Mid-Market Europe & EMEA Regional Grids®. 

These accolades underscore our strong presence and exceptional customer satisfaction levels throughout Europe and the EMEA region. We are thrilled to witness our support network expand across these regions and deeply honored to receive such prestigious accolades.

Preparing for the next quarter

Quarter after quarter, Mirro continues to make strides in G2's Grid® Reports, and we couldn't be more thrilled with the recent accolades, including the esteemed Most Implementable badge for OKR.

As we move forward, we maintain our commitment to innovation and improvement. We promise to continuously enhance our product to ensure it remains at the forefront of industry standards, providing our customers unparalleled value and satisfaction. Plus, we’re working on new features coming this spring designed to elevate your team’s growth and performance through the power of data.

To explore our array of badges, delve into insightful reviews, or share your experiences, we invite you to visit our profile on G2. Thank you for being an integral part of our journey!


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