OKRs: The Perfect Framework for Fast-Tracking Results

OKRs meaning: framework for fast tracking results

If you’ve ever wondered how successful companies stay so laser-focused and committed to their goals, the answer lies in an acronym. OKRs, short for Objectives and Key Results, dominate the agile business world.

To learn how to use the OKR framework to transform your organization and make it work for your teams, keep reading.

What’s the deal with OKRs

Objectives and Key Results - OKR is a framework for setting goals that typically span a quarter. Teams set 3 to 5 high-level objectives to pursue, along with 2–3 success measures to determine whether a key result was achieved.  

Non-believers call it a process-heavy way of formalizing your day-to-day. But companies who’ve tried and tested the OKR framework know it’s a way of getting people committed, into a growth mindset, and ready for action.

“OKRs meaning: framework for fast tracking results

Now that we got the basics covered, let's get to the juicy part and see why OKRs are so coveted. After all, you don't make that much buzz in the business world for years with just smoke and mirrors.

OKRs benefits are a fact

Andrew Grove, the late Intel CEO, who you might know as the modern 1:1 s father figure, is also the creator of the OKRs. He taught the framework to John Doerr, a then salesman with the company. Doerr then went on and spearheaded the OKRs movements.

Throughout his long career as a venture capitalist, Doerr helped many organizations find success by switching to the OKRs framework. And in 2018, he published his book, Measure What Matters, explaining who and why the system works.

Focus, alignment, commitment, tracking and stretching, I love that because it spells FACTS. And I can remember it.

John Doerr for Harvard Business Review

Now's not the moment for your acronym allergy to kick in, as FACTS is this framework's significant improvement over traditional methods of setting goals.

And the recipe is quite simple. The limited number of objectives encourages focus. Then alignment comes along because everyone knows what the common goals are. Next, as every individual contributor does their part, commitment builds up. Tracking the progress keeps the momentum going, while encouragement and rewards for going the extra mile turn stretching into second nature.

OKRs framework is the perfect antidote for complacency and wallowing in mediocrity. But if you want to tip your organization towards a cultural change, you need help. And don't worry, this isn't about another acronym.

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