Workflow management: Why automated tools are essential for your business + How to implement an efficient workflow system

Good managers know how important effective organization and communication are.

As many companies have begun to transition to the online environment, workflow management software is even more important for effective results and keeping team members who work remotely updated with the upcoming projects. So, why are these tools so important in a “work from home” era? 


  1. Workflow management system: How smart tools can improve your business
  2. Workflow solutions: Features of an efficient workflow system

1. Workflow management system: How smart tools can improve your business

The workflow process is a series of steps and actions that are performed over a period of time in order to achieve one or more goals. The structure of this process assures the company that it is on the right track through small, but safe steps and efficient teamwork.

The best part is that every employee will benefit from it!

When the company uses a workflow management platform, a simple question such as: "How many days off do I have left this year?" can be answered in no time by accessing the program and identifying the information in just a few clicks. 

So how can an automated workflow system help your team grow and improve?

Here are a few benefits to consider:

  • Better communication

Through workflow management solutions you make sure that your team will have all the necessary means to communicate and to be up to date with all the projects they are working on.

They can have their own personalized profile, through which they can share with other colleagues both details about work, as well as holidays and birthdays - all these tools will help your people to have an excellent employee experience.

  • Fewer errors

To make mistakes is human, but identifying potential errors and preventing them is something you can work on - with well-developed software, system errors are much less likely to occur.

In case the mistake could not be prevented on time, our easy performance management can easily pinpoint it in the system.

  • Ongoing feedback

The most productive teams are those in which people communicate effectively and receive constant feedback. Organizational communication is therefore very important when you want to maintain a balance in the team.

With Mirro's ongoing feedback tools, you can motivate your team members and help them grow within the company.

  • Better performance

A business workflow can help your people develop in engaging ways. It is based on total transparency, so that each employee can be aware of the stage of the project, along with its objectives and key results.

When they need certain information or documents, team members can access them with a click. Thus, everything is done easily and smoothly.

2. Workflow solutions: Features of an efficient workflow system

Workflow means a series of tasks that need to be accomplished for a predetermined goal. In short, a workflow is a form of management that focuses on the work structure of an organization and how teams collaborate and contribute to the ultimate goal. When you choose automated workflow solutions, there are a few features to look for:

  • An intuitive user interface 

The role of a workflow system is to reduce the time lost on redundant tasks and to improve the level of productivity, especially for remote employees. The platform on which your team works must have a customizable and easy-to-navigate user interface.

  • Centralized data

Quick access to various reports and documents is one of the major benefits of using such software. This will be useful for solving certain issues, but also to keep track of your team’s work. 

  • OKR based technology

Objectives define priority goals and key results are how they can be achieved through specific, measurable actions. The benefits of OKRs are indisputable - they optimize work, keep the team on the right track, and support communication and transparency within different departments. Throughout this process, OKRs can increase work satisfaction and improve the experience of those involved.

  • Insights

Managers and team leaders need to be constantly updated regarding time-off or salary insights - with a workflow system, they can have more control over company performance.

  • Notifications

A system that allows notifications by email, phone, or directly on the platform is one that can substantially improve the individual experience. With a personalized employee profile, team members can easily keep track of meetings, deadlines, and new projects through a simple reminder on their email.  

Digitizing data and automated workflows are the support that your team members need to have the best work experience. This way, specialists can focus more on the essential aspects of the business and therefore bring a more valuable contribution to the development of the organization.

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